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Dreamer of a world where everyone reaps the benefit of tech through the future without losing touch with existing wisdom. Passionate about net neutral spaces and #opensource projects. Supporter of #UBI & #water preservation. #Art #songwriting #poetry #tarot #bioinformatics #mentalhealth #art #design #maximalism #chaos #psychedelia #alchemy #folklore #gaidhlig, #LifelongLearning.

A bit nuts but I aim to be kind. Will share whatever I find interesting :)



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Today in Writing History September 25, 1930: Shel Silverstein, American author, poet, illustrator, and songwriter was born (d. 1999). He is perhaps most remembered today for his amusing children’s poetry and fiction, like “The Giving Tree.” However, he also wrote many songs like "One's on the Way" and "Hey Loretta" (which were hits for Loretta Lynn), and "25 Minutes to Go," about a man on Death Row, and "A Boy Named Sue," both made famous by Johnny Cash. He also wrote "The Unicorn," which The Irish Rovers made famous. He also wrote many songs about drugs and sex, like “I Got Stoned and I Missed It,” “Quaaludes Again,” “Masochistic Baby,” and “Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball.”



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@MikeDunnAuthor @bookstadon

Probably the first poet I was introduced to as a kid. Still definitely an influence.


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