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I'm not a big fan of the giant monster genre (like Godzilla) but is a good series.

I don't even know what the genre is properly called! 🤣🤣🤣

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Skavau , (edited )

Federation has its downsides though, there's less cohesion across the board. A lemmy/kbin platform may have 20,000 users (an example) but most of them might end up with interacting on instances outside of the one they signed up on. Whereas everyone on Discuit, for instance, will be only interacting on Discuit. There's something to be said for how a userbase is spread, not just the amount of users. If Kbin wasn't federated and its own thing, its user trajectory and interaction could've been different - although having only recently arrived, I understand that features had stalled for a long time.

I think the long-term trend of federation is smaller instances simply shutting down due to lack of interest/money in maintaining it without any noticeable growth and a small bloc of highly used instances dominating, one main one, and probably some politically charged ones orbiting it. Yes, anyone if they're annoyed with a particular instance can just down their tools and migrate to another instance - but if you've got or run communities on that instance, it is a downside.

Although in Discuits case, yes, it is really, really basic - and that more than anything likely stopped it growing before anything else. There was also administrative problems and other issues that drained users. It hypothetically federating wouldn't help it at all. Their users would just stop using Discuit and use the larger communities all across Lemmy.

Can't view the threads page of ( )

Whenever I try to view the threads page of (i.e.,, I get an error. It's only where this happens, and it's only the threads page of this specific community. I can view the microblogs, the people, and even individual threads, but the threads...

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Skavau ,

Yeah I'm tempted to make a version of "newcommunities" for Kbin since MagHub just doesn't roll off the tongue (and is abandoned, although I doubt that is why it's so weak)

Skavau ,

Maybe. I think that Kbin probably should've launched with the ability to take communities from inactive mods. The first wave of people who volunteer for community ownership on new reddit-clones almost always go dormant and cripple them by consequence.

Skavau ,

Oh I know, but it's come quite late in the game.

Could there be a "subscribe to thread" option? ( )

A small thing here. The option for users to individually choose to subscribe to specific threads to get notifications for new posts. I often see threads of curiosity to me, that I personally have nothing to say in that moment, but might want to see what others say.

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Could there be a "Filter" button for magazines? ( )

I know there's block, but "block" currently blacklists the entire magazine. If I click on it, it wipes all the threads on /all/ and all comments in the threads should I venture in. A "filter" would be a soft block that just clears it from my feed on the main page. I could still directly browse the magazine if I wanted to.

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Skavau , to updates

Would it be of interest for someone to set up an /m/abandonedcommunities or /m/findamod or even some /m/revivedcommunities magazine to act as a megaphone for revived communities of interest, or to bring attention to unused communities? I know there's abandoned list but it's effectively a big wall of communities.

Skavau ,

@TheArstaInventor You should post this on the ModCoord you did, and promote ModCoord on MagHub and New Communities. It got my communities a lot of traffic (relative to the site).

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