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I'm an 18-year-old tech lover from Germany who values privacy and adores cats. Probably Has ADHD and is autistic.

#Trans :blobhajhearttrans:

I love talking to people, feel free to send me a message!

Things I boost don't necessarily have to be things I agree with. They can just be things I want people to see.

Make sure you've got a bio or introductory post when you want to follow me.



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voxel , (edited ) to linux
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Hey 👋 dear Linux Community,

I'm still kinda new to Linux (started using this year 😅) I already made it to my main OS, even if I still missing some things which I used on Windows, anyway. What I wanted to ask you guys, what recommendations do you have for Linux Mint (Cinnamon)? In terms of security, optimization, (a way to make the UI looking modern ;-;) and privacy? I would be very interested in what you do guys to optimize your Linux setup :) I'm pretty technical, so there is nothing which could overwhelm me (probaly).

Thx! 🤍


Rush ,
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@beta_tester @voxel Mint uses Ubuntu's repositories, it's setup instructions are as such nearly identical

Rush , to random
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lenzgr , to protonprivacy
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This is insane. Thank you for this research @protonprivacy !

"These paltry fines aren’t helpful if you think a fine should function as a punishment for poor corporate governance or an incentive for companies to change their behavior. If a company can pay off a fine with less than a week’s revenue or avoid paying it entirely for half a decade, then it won’t cause executives to tread cautiously."


Rush ,
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@lenzgr @protonprivacy

Proton is at @protonmail and @protonvpn on the fediverse, by the way ;)

vintprox , to drbboard
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deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

Rush ,
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@vintprox I think the reason people are excited about this is because it's the first instance of something of size being verified on Flathub


go , to firefox German
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kann ganze Webseiten auf deinem oder lokal übersetzen.

Ab Firefox Version 118.

Das können andere Browser zwar auch, aber die schicken zum Übersetzen alles, was du anschaust an einen Übersetzungs . Dadurch kann jemand mitlesen, was du interessant findest.


Rush ,
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@LuigiNemo @firefox

Haha, he meant translation engine, not rendering engine

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