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@TrickDacy @parpol I just wish that in 2023, Apple would relinquish their claw-like grip on mobile browsers on iOS. Give me ACTUAL Firefox, please.

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@Tippon @SpaceCadet you can set your system clock to UTC to fix the problem. Here’s a registry fix to tell Windows to use UTC.


RockyC , to linux
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Thanks to suggestions from @linux, is now up to 76 distros! Show your pride with free printable “Powered by” Linux .

Don’t see your favorite? Send me a link to your favorite distro’s print-quality logo and I’ll add it.


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Even though I absolutely love , sometimes I get tired of encountering the same issues over and over again, and of the "it's 99% there" situation.

Let me know if you agree with these issues or not, and if you have others that personally bother you.

(Also, 2nd video out of 4 that isn't edited by me, previous feedback has been incorporated partially, let me know what you thought!)


RockyC ,
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@thelinuxEXP Part of that “99%” there is also due to Linux-hostile policies and practices of companies and organizations. Stupid stuff like telling me I cannot use the features of a website because my operating system isn’t Windows or macOS is one I’ve encountered just recently.

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