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Trying to get around #YYC on two wheels or two feet. Craft beer lover, organizer of 3ByBikeYYC rides. I am also on Strava, Letterboxd and Untappd - same handle.

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tobiasgraypresents , to bookstodon
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Something I want to read more in the coming year is non-fiction and/or textbooks on topics that interest me. Thinking of taking a stroll through some true crime/criminal psychology if anyone has any favorites, lemme know!


PedalHoppy ,
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@tobiasgraypresents @bookstodon First things that popped into my head were “The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South” and “Policing the Open Road” both are more about how fucked up the American justice system is. Might immunize you against some of the copaganda you will find in the true crime shelves.

kimlockhartga , to bookstodon
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@bookstodon I just reviewed SO LATE IN THE DAY: STORIES OF MEN AND WOMEN, by Claire Keegan. This is a trio of stories which explores the relationships of men and women, and what they want from each other, in very engaging prose. Keegan has a lot to say, and her message is sharp-edged. The writing is top-notch.

Cover image is almost a psychological test: a blood red sky, an uninterrupted line of buildings to the edge of the island, and a slice image of a ferry on the water. Is the ferry approaching the island, or moving away from it? I say it's moving away, because of the effect of the stories. You may glean something else.


PedalHoppy ,
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@kimlockhartga @bookstodon That title story is so great. Heard her read it on the New Yorker Fiction podcast.

SallyStrange , to til
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: Young children (up until the age of about 7 - 11) can regenerate their fingertips.

This is from "We Are Electric" by Sally Adee, which is all about the body's bioelectric code. Apparently electrical fields and electrical charges are the software to the hardware that is our DNA.

The fingertip regeneration was discovered by researchers investigating how salamanders regenerate limbs. Of course it's not something you can easily test, but there are enough people who grew up without easy access to medical care that this is a known fact.


PedalHoppy ,
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@SallyStrange @bookstodon True. I had the tip of my finger guillotined in a screen door when I was six. It grew back although not exactly in line with where it should have.

PedalHoppy , to bookstadon
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Someone on here recommended “The Colony” and I have just finished it and loved it. So thank you @bookstadon

PedalHoppy ,
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@seanbala I just started it yesterday. Showed up in my library holds and I couldn’t remember why. Now I see it must have been a recommendation from @bookstodon - the best non-algorithmic recommendation engine ever.

jon , to random
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Stumbled across this bus picture from METRO A Line BRT in Minneapolis, MN 🇺🇸 in this article https://www.kimley-horn.com/news-insights/perspectives/bus-rapid-transit-design-efficient-urban-transit/

At one level “oooh easy way to carry bikes on a bus”

At another level “imagine you're a pedestrian and get hit by that, and what about the driver's line of sight”

I'm pretty sure this would not be allowed in Europe

PedalHoppy ,
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@jon @BryanLastRedDrop I don’t think it’s cultural. It is our built environment. We have no trains, our bus services are generally terrible and distances are huge. Our “first and last mile” problem is often much bigger than that, so popping your bike on a bus can be really useful.

PedalHoppy ,
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@bluGill Perhaps not for you where you live but for me, where I live, it is useful on occasion.

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