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Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone ( )

Microsoft is starting to enable ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11 for all users. After testing these briefly with Windows Insiders earlier this month, Microsoft has started to distribute update KB5036980 to Windows 11 users this week, which includes “recommendations” for apps from the Microsoft Store in the Start menu....

Neon ,

use NixOS to get absolutely fucked.

I use NixOS btw

(don't actually use NixOS as your first distro. It is really amazing and cool, but the learning curve will be so steep, it will kill you)

Neon ,

It's actually really logical.

Your Balls constantly store and generate new DNA, which can easily be destroyed by X-Rays. Your Brain doesn't really.

So your Balls are really vulnerable to X-Ray, while your brain isn't

Neon ,

Fuck you too.

Sincerely, a Arachnophobe

Neon ,

yes i did

Neon ,

believe it or not, but i have absolutely 0 Problems with that. If you wanna do that, then please do it.

But i won't do the same.

Neon ,

well, isn't that nice of them?

Tell them i said hi.

Neon ,

I have a furry for a friend who's a die-hard windows and Microsoft guy

So it's more IT, less Linux

Neon , (edited )

No, it is not supported by any smartphone. Mine for example doesn't support it.

Ukraine backers blast ‘double standard’ after allies rush to Israel’s defense ( )

If the United States and its allies can rush to Israel's defense in the skies, shooting down dozens of drones and missiles fired by Iran, why can't they do the same for Ukraine — which has suffered under Russia's missile attacks for more than two years?...

Neon ,

As soon as it starts being used by military Personnel and becomes a legitimate military Target, they will

Neon ,

how about we don't shit on them when they're doing a good thing?

Neon ,

if the name "truth out" wasn't telling enough already.

I really wonder why so many people seem to fall so easily for propaganda? It's so obvious?
Like, I'm not talking about the well-made ones, the convincing ones, but these simple populist ones.

Neon ,

putting aside that i don't fully agree on that:

but he said he saw it unambiguously? what's the Point of your Comment?

Neon ,

This Article is about Iran bombing Israel, not anything else.

Any Comment on here going "But what about Israel bombing the Embassy" is derailing the Conversation and defending Iran.

You are allowed to be against indiscriminate Attacks without supporting the bombing of Embassies.

Neon ,

There are strict rules about legitimate military targets. Those are to be followed. Period.

If you demand Israel follow these rules, but don't hold Iran to the same standard I don't wish to continue this conversation.

Neon ,

I do in fact condemn the warcrimes in Gaza.

And no: you're using the same tactics currently you always decry the "Zionists" using. You're seeing a article about Party A and immediately cry "but what about party B, you Antimesites Zionists"

You're not a lick better than them, you just root for the other team.

Neon ,

This is a deeply flawed analogy. We are not talking about the actions of Israel but the Response of Iran being illegal: targeting civilian targets, forbidden by the rules of war.

A better analogy would be: The law says a criminal should be punished with a maximum of 5 years in prison, but the judge hands out 20 years.

What the judge did was still wrong and illegal, no matter what the criminal did.

If you want to live in a world where everyone can bomb everyone, just remember why we introduced those rules and how many nations have nukes today.

Neon ,

So you're saying that we should hold neither accountable because they both did something, do I understand that correctly? Because that sounds like an awful solution.

Neon ,

finally a actually good source and not the ever-same aljazeera propaganda

thank you, OP

Neon ,

The whole Region has just been a cycle of terrorism lately

Neon ,

where's Businessman?

Where's Grim Reaper?

Neon ,

wow, that is absolutely awful.

That you have such Fear of your Government i mean.

Neon ,

That is just absolute bullshit and lies.

  1. detainees are treated very well in germany
  2. there is no threat to free speech in germany whatsoever. Even russian Propaganda is allowed to continue.

I have no idea why People are still posting aljazeera as a reliable and unbiased source.
They're framing at best and straight up misinforming at worst.

Neon ,

faces accusations from muslim countries

Yeah, I'm sure those beacons of free-speech are not biased in any way

Btw i take your lack of other sources of violence against detainees as proof that thaz's just BS made up by aljazeera

Neon ,

Yeah, because only those two sides exist and there isn‘t a plethora of independent and unbiased media /s

Neon ,

pummeled by cops with fists to their heads (with metal gloves),

well, there your entire argument falls apart, because german Cops don't have metal gloves. I invite you to prove to me and the world, that what the Article said is true, and german police mistreats detainees.

Aljazeera has as much integrity as CNN

You mean that aljazeera, that does no fact-checking, reports on rumours and hearsays, extensively uses framing and sometimes even disinformation to push a narrative is somehow comparable to CNN, a globally recognized News organization?
this is so wrong on so many Levels. Aljazeera is at the best comparable to Fox News if anything.

Neon ,

I invited you to show me proof in my Comment. Yet you didn't show me any Proof, not even the Video you apparently have.

So allow me to draw my conclusions: You don't have any proof or Video to show. You are lying and wasting our time here.

So please let me reiterate my Statement: The claims in aljazeera are false and it is spreading misinformation in order to push its own Agenda. Nobody should ever Link to it as a credible source for anything.

Neon ,

alright then: Explain to me how a country that hates Israel so much that it doesn't have diplomatic relations with it or even recognizes it can be unbiased. Go ahead.

explain to me why we should even remotely take them serious

Neon ,

Hehe. To be true, I gave up on the idea that media are telling the truth: Either they won’t tell because they don’t want, or they themselves don’t know better, or because they are not aware of their bias, or whatever reason.

That is just straight up wrong. And dangerous. You're effectively saying that you willfully watch arabic Propaganda and don't care. All that because you wrongfully believe that somehow other media aren't unbiased?

Even if we assume that Media is inherently flawed, aljazeera still is Propaganda that utilizes Framing to push a narrative. It doesn't even TRY to be unbiased. But sure, go on ahead about "but other side bad too"

Neon ,

yes, but they bolt them on, certify them and maintain them.

And if this really is the fault of the engine-producer, then Boeing took a inferior supplier for its aircraft, not really any better.

Neon ,

Firefighter here:

They're made from cast iron that likes to rust and the only thing protecting them is the Paint on them.

My guess is that the paint got scratched and they're bagging it up until they can repaint it.

Neon ,

what do you mean that's not real? He said that! It's his Name below the Quote!

Neon ,

That's why i use USB-C Earbuds.

Seriously, thry're a great alternative.

Neon ,

then take it down.

political affiliations should not influence this Community.

Neon ,

More Code in Kernel-space = less secure

Systemd = a lot of Code in Kernel-space

Neon ,

Right, sorry, i just watched a documentary about anti-cheat.

But it still runs with elevated peivileges, which i don't really like

Neon ,

Just taking nudes is not really your fault. If you know how to safely store them.

You get fault Points for:

  • storing them unencrypted
  • storing them in unsafe places (online, in a publicly-available Folder on your Computer)
  • sending them to other people
  • sending them via unencrypted means
  • sending them via a avenue that makes backups

The Reason we recommend not taking nudes isn't because it is your fault if you do, it's because we know most people are tech-illiterate and don't know how to safely handle dangerous/compromising Material.

Neon ,

No, not a server. You can't even use those with the official App iirc

They mean proxies

Signal even made a blog post about it

Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community

Neon ,

Not the Software Engineers though.

Apple is pretty low-Paying for industry standards which means that a lot of people work there for their Resume and then move on

Or at least that was the case a few years ago.

Neon ,

Putin doesn't let people call it a war. He only made a "partial mobilization". He is cracking down hard on dissent.

He is obviously scared of the People. He needs to appear legitimate in their eyes.

Neon ,

not really, because then he's able to say

"look how dangerous they are! we need a full war, a full mobilization! every man aged 18-25 needs to enlist tomorrow or face Prison!"

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