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Absurdist, Security Architect (Magician), Beer and Bourbon connoisseur, Gamer, lover of Dark Humor (Lovecraft was a comedian), Maker, Apistevist, Agnostic, Atheist.

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I’m thinking of all the times I’ve said, “You know what makes this game great? The microtransactions.” All ZERO times.

There are bad games and good games. Microtransactions make bad games worse AND good games worse. I intentionally only pay for games without microtransactions. THEY move the game from “I’m interested” (like with the rerelease of dungeon keeper) to “Well, I can play the OG version on GOG. Without microtransactions, I’ll do that.”

That business model ONLY works out for the business. It is NOT for the best interest of the customer.

So while what you said is right, you are incorrect.

MrEUser ,
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How did it happen before microtransactions?

MrEUser ,
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Okay, let’s think critically.

“I’ve been able to play games for free because of microtransactions”

Microtransactions cost money, that’s not free. What you are saying here is you got to play a game without supporting the devs while OTHER people paid for microtransactions.

You assume incorrectly, I support devs by buying games, not supporting microtransactions.

“Most of the most popular games in the world are free…” First, like hell. Show me stats that support a claim that MOST popular games are free. Second, if a game is supported by microtransactions, you’re lying if you say it’s free. MICROTRANSACTIONS ARE NOT FREE.

Next “I have purposely bought microtransactions to support the developer…” I support the dev by buying the game.

Microtransactions make a good game bad, and bad games worse. None of what you said made an argument for microtransactions. Microtransactions encourage devs to hide fixes behind pay walls, even small ones.

My statements weren’t kneejerk. Your nonsense obviously wasn’t even thought through as it’s internally inconsistent.

I look forward to you trying again.

MrEUser ,
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There’s a problem with your starting point.

We were talking about microtransactions. You jumped to free to play.

Not all games that have microtransactions are fre to play.

So you’ve lied again. Not as easy you thought.

What you need to do is grab ALL games with microtransactions. You need to grab stats on ALL free games. You need to grab stats on hidden cost games (also called free to play).

Try again junior.

And try thinking this time.

MrEUser ,
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And I’ll add the most important thing you forgot…

You have around 50 years of game data to sift through… Not just what a limited set from Steam gives you.

I’ll wait.

MrEUser ,
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“I think you’re just playing bad games…”

Like Baldur’s Gate 3?

“Where it’s predatory it sucks” - The literal definition of microtransactions.

I think we’re done here. You think video gaming is what’s happened in the past ten years. I played my first video game in 1979 on an Atari 2600. I remember Pacman fever, I lived in California during it. I remember when Space Ace and Dragoons Lair came out in the arcades and cost .50 instead of a quarter…

Tell me again how I’m “just playing bad games…” You just can’t see the forest for the trees…

MrEUser OP , (edited )
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I’m providing a best guess on that. I may be wrong. Who knows maybe it’ll be “xtxt” or xt^2 pronounced “extasy.”

MrEUser ,
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You “thought” about this?

That’s what you went with?

Scathe… got “scathing” reviews. Articles were written about problems with the environmental design, weapon designs, lack of imagination in aesthetic appeal in the enemy designs, the AI… but not once did anyone point out a problem with it being in a sub genre called “boomer shooter.”

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin not only duplicated Quake by using the Quake engine, having amazing level design, and the 90’s appeal of run n’ gun, but it also matched Quakes failures in that the Dev team left and had to be replaced. Right now Wrath is stuck in perpetual Early Release with no completion date in site. I’m sure the reason for that is its sub genre of “boomer shooter,” right?

How about Amid Evil? I spent a couple hours streaming that last night. It was an absolute blast. I haven’t been on a caffeine bender like that in years. I’m looking forward to streaming it again as soon as possible. I can’t wait to play it and its new DLC that’s about to drop. Obviously Amid Evils success is going to be because of the term, “boomer shooter.”

That term has obviously done so much harm or good….

Or it doesn’t fucking matter at all and this is a frivolous waste of time to whine about (as I’ve pointed out in more than one article I’ve posted).

We could be discussing something useful, but what matters to people is their egos. How important it is what term is used for a class of FPS games? People tried to argue with me about the fact the term “boomer shooter” is years old. Something that two seconds on google would make clear. But ego… I have had several people tell me they’d KILL people for using the term… I guess that’s acceptable behavior?

Okay, you win. Focus on trivialities while the industry moves on shaking it’s head while you shake your fist at clouds. But please, don’t forget to complain about not being taken seriously and for damned sure point out something trivial in what I wrote here, because that will matter.

MrEUser ,
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I know.

And I’m sorry for using you as the sacrificial lamb.

You have every right to ask the question, and you even did it reasonably.

I find it interesting that when I spend time writing an article and cross posting it, this is the level of vitriol I receive. It’s over the top and no one deserves this, especially someone that is just asking…

“Hey, what does anyone think about X?”

Least of all anyone that took their own time to publish something to spark discussion. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for not just posting a link to an article. Thank you for spending some time, considering, and then engaging.

I wish more people were inclined to do that. More people should rush to your defense for what I posted. Some people should even learn from it. Sadly, I doubt that will happen.

I honestly wish you well and hope you will post again in the future. I look forward to what you have to say.

MrEUser ,
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I like the term boomer shooter. The reason is the alliteration. But more importantly…

  • Rookie Level 1 Gamer: “They’re called boomer shooters because they’re old like baby boomers”
  • Veteran Level 20 Gamer: “Baby boomers thought Doom was satanic, that’s a stupid term”
  • Enlightened Level 60 Gamer: “They’re called boomer shooters because of the huge debt they owe to the original Doom modding scene and therefore “Boom”, one of the first limit-removing source ports”
  • GigaChad Level 80 gamer: “Who cares. My ego isn’t so delicate as to have my sensibilities offended by whatever the fuck you want to call it. If you think something like ‘MyHouse.wad’ is something that is for “bOoMeRs” (a.k.a. anyone old enough to know that it’s called a “VCR,” not a “VHS player”) then you’re the one missing out… not me.”

Credit to @smart_boy and @133@geocities.ytmnd.com

MrEUser ,
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Thank you for defending him. I’m sad to see you were the only one. I had an ulterior motive for my post. I apologized to him and explained my motivation.

MrEUser ,
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The short definition of alliteration is “the repetition of sounds, not just letters.” In this case the oo…er, oo…er. So I said what I meant.

MrEUser OP ,
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Glad you like this. I’m trying to do at least one quality article per day on the subject. If you’ll notice there’s an article I linked to that I wrote yesterday. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

MrEUser ,
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I’m at a loss. You’re saying that things that you said publicly are private? Or you’re saying that they become private because you delete your account? Assume you dox someone. I need to find out if that happened. As an admin I’d be able to see that

  1. you
  2. publicly posted
  3. their data

I would need to be able to provide this to authorities if they provided needed legal documentation. Why do you think that privacy dictates you should be able to commit a crime, and get away with it by deleting your account?

MrEUser ,
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That’s a hard question to answer. My position is based on where I live and what legal council I have worked with has said in situations I’ve dealt with. My recommendation is, check with an attorney.

MrEUser ,
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I’m basing what I have said off of work I have done with attorneys in similar situations. I don’t know evidentiary law, but I wouldn’t want to be accused of destroying evidence of something. But my question stands. Why should someone who has doxed someone get away with it by deleting their account? How is that ethical?

MrEUser ,
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Wether or not doxing is unlawful depends on many things, even here in the U.S. Your absolute statement is false because it’s dependent on context that you haven’t considered.

I’m not the one that has to be satisfied with the solution. I just wanted to point out an example where it would matter that deleting an account could hide a crime. If you don’t like the doxing example, another example would be someone posting sensitive information (Airman Jack Teixeira).

MrEUser ,
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It's cute how you think I'm going to take legal advice from you. You do you, have a nice evening.

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