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Artist, book hoarder, animal patter, word lover and semi professional wierdo.

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stina_marie , to horror

🍿📽️ Tonight 📽️🍿

The Watch Party
is Demián Rugna's FANTASTIC
Horror Double Feature

💀 When Evil Lurks ➕ Terrified 💀

Gonna try for one at least (probably Terrified because I just watched EVIL)

but ALL are welcome!!

9pm ET/6pm PT
to join in!
Pass it on &/or comment if you're going to try to watch! 🤘🏼


LuluHelle ,
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@stina_marie @horror is this on one of the live channel streams on shudder?

LuluHelle ,
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@stina_marie @horror do you know which channel? I have three showing on my app here.

LuluHelle ,
@LuluHelle@ohai.social avatar

@stina_marie @horror oddness. On roku app there's three. I know it won't be the ghoul log channel so that leaves two to check in a few hours. Hopefully I'll remember!

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