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LordGloom ,
LordGloom ,

I was about to post NE!? I like how “word up” Cameo had a huger cod piece

LordGloom ,

Oh, thank you. You too, please keep posting your parents jams.

LordGloom OP ,

That era of production, where the term “sampling” comes from. Has some of the best reinterpretations of other artists music. Another of my absolute favorites is Pete Rock and Cl Smooth taking Tom Scotts - Today, which is another great song on it’s own. Then completely turning it on it’s head into a whole other feel. youtu.be/qs0ou8b9GS8?feature=sharedIs there a 90s hip hop community?

LordGloom OP ,

I’m going to be listening to Ice Cube all day now. I used to love that old NWA beef. 100 Miles and Runnin’ is underrated IMO but solo Cube was insane. Not sure of who produced this particular track, but he was using Public Enemy producers Da Bomb Squad, Dj Muggs, Sir Jinx, and Dj Pooh. That’s a murderers row of sick beat makers. By him using a more east coast sound also made him sound so much harder vs NWA at that time.

LordGloom OP ,

I did a quick Google search, and couldn’t find what the Boogie Men produced. Just Dj Pooh stuff. Could you tell me what else they did or better yet post it. Btw if we’re talking Steely Dan let’s talk this Prince Paul banger youtu.be/q9jCsOCfUUg?feature=shared

LordGloom OP , (edited )

youtu.be/JZpxaiNV_sM?feature=shared*Sorry I should’ve put a NSFW tag. But Bloodhound Gang so I hope it’s ok.

LordGloom OP ,

I went to an ICP show once! Had to be around 02-04. I remember 20 foot clowns on either side of the stage spraying the Avalon in Boston with Faygo, and them tossing 2 liters into the crowd. The whole place was BOOMING. Everyone kept talking about The Great Molenko? I just smiled, and nodded. I was dating a bartender and she got me in. I stopped talking shit on ICP after that. It was wild!

LordGloom ,

I haven’t played this in forever, looks like the perfect time to start back up again!

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