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Think you should mention that self hosting is okay but you have to pay attention to plugins you use.

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I wanted to try free tier, but amount of time spending to wait in line to play a game was too much.add in that it was laggy and you can't just leave and come back. Now they will get free ad space for people who didn't even try service yet due... Amount of wait time in line. But speaking as someone who is redirected to Russian servers by default (too small country to have local server of course). Wonder how free tier experience for others in "good" countries.

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I saw many artists going to Misskey.io because it's main instance even English speaking ones until they gone back to twitter, stayed on Misskey or half measures. Then because of EN influx in mainly Japanese server , Misskey.io closed doors to non-Japanese add in fact that Misskey or rather any federated service can't oblige to European Union protection standard which means they can't operate in EU officially.
So I see lots of messages on Misskey about artists making blue sky accounts as well... All depends where they get more views I guess or have people supporting them around.

GitHub - Asudox/lemmy-wikibot-rs: A lemmy bot written in Rust to send summaries of wikipedia articles mentioned in user comments ( github.com )

I made this bot so that users who want to provide a quick summary of the wikipedia article they linked to in their comment can do so just by including a mention of the bot in their comment, and the bot will reply to the comment with the summary....

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Mention work OK
Thought bot will show up on Kbin but didn't
There is some issues that some users aren't showing up on kbin.social but wanted to test it anyway.

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    @THE_ANON https://fedidb.org/software
    My go to recommendation for fediverse services.
    There are a lot more than you think.

    Are there any blog system that uses Activity Pub?

    Don't know if we already have this but if not, this could be a new breath for running away from Google's polluted, hard to find any real useful stuff SEO World. With Kagi's optimization for activity pub, it's easier to find content within the Federation. With a blog system that supports activity pub, people can get interaction...

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    My go to advice on looking what services are on activityPub/Fediverse is https://fedidb.org/ .

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    Agree I really was intrigued after being comfortable with reddit, but bailing because all my Reddit interactions was from phone, so cut story short tried Mastodon.social>Kbin.social>Misskey.io
    Also funkwhale and hubzilla out of curiosity.
    So I really interested in tech but there is a lot of wait between some of them agree on some points.

    My aim for now to make Kbin community for a game that can directly refer to works of artists directly and for users of Microblogs to see topics and join in on discussions.

    From personal experience Mastodon seems fine with threadiverse while Misskey can see posts if forced (and only kbin threads, link ones won't work at least) but commenting gives error. Also Misskey quotes shows as comments for a post/message etc, but not federate to kbin so as loop around don't work as well.

    So having followed many artists on Misskey and having some people following me there kinda wish I could interact with magazine(community) directly, but too early for that I guess.

    Also Misskey making webp conversion for images is good for storage(you get personal 2 gb and more with time or donations) but Kbin not federate them properly... So that also an headache...

    Waiting when Kbin release api so I can remind about this problem again.

    How much do you use Kbin for microblogging? ( kbin.social )

    One of the things I find cool about Kbin is the fact that it's a platform for both thread aggregation and microblogging. How much do you use the latter side of things? Do you make microblog posts, actively browse the microblog tab, view them in your home feed, or rarely touch them?

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    I don't use Kbin for microbloging. Had started at Mastodon.social>Kbin>Misskey.io .
    Switched from posting from Mastodon to Misskey as more people I would enjoy content or would watch my content (well being En speaking on JP server has it -) but I play Arknights and do silly challenge clear that I enjoy, so posting it there with # that will pickup our kbin magazine. Most of art is on Misskey.io as it is on the rumours for many was, but they limited it to Japanese with ever new server being English one.
    So use Kbin Microblog to see anything interesting show up on magazine or just in general. Mastodon for "war" news and reports while Misskey for fan art.

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    I've been thinking a bit about this post regarding 's responsibility to be compatible with the ( thread aggregators like & ). Right now, a thread from Lemmy or Kbin usually federates to Mastodon with truncated text and a link to the actual thread. However, many want Mastodon to be more compatible with threads so that the people over on Mastodon interact with the threadiverse more.

    I was initially in agreement as a Kbin user. But having given it some thought, I think this is an unwise approach that'll only serve to overcomplicate platforms on the . Yes, people on Mastodon should promote other parts of the fediverse (and vice versa), but complete interoperability shouldn't be expected of every platform.

    As much as many would like it, you can't have long-form video from PeerTube, images from Pixelfed, threads from Kbin, blogs from Writefreely, etc. all neatly fit in a microblog feed. These are different formats made for different platforms, and the people making them are expecting them to be interacted with in completely different ways. When someone makes a thread in a Lemmy community, they're probably expecting that the people who are going to see and interact with the thread are people that want to see threads and are thus on a Lemmy instance (or another thread aggregator). If someone from Mastodon were to interact with it as if it were a microblog post, there'd be a big mismatch. People interact with microblogs differently than they do with threads — that's why they're separate to begin with. You don't see everyone on Twitter also wanting to use to Reddit because people who want microblogs don't necessarily want Reddit-style threads, and vice versa.

    The other option, then, is to separate these different formats into different feeds or otherwise make them clearly distinct from one another. Kbin does this by separating threads and microblog posts into two tabs. While you can view both in the "All Content" tab if you'd like, they're styled differently enough that it's very clear when you're looking at a thread and when you're looking at a microblog post. This distinction lets users treat threads like threads and microblog posts like microblog posts, which is really helpful since the two formats serve different purposes and have different audiences. This option — clear distinction — is a great way to solve the conundrum I've been talking about… if your platform is meant for viewing all these different kinds of content to begin with.

    And that's what it really comes down to imo. Mastodon is a platform for microblogging. Most people go to Mastodon because they want a Twitter alternative, not a Twitter alternative that's also an Instagram alternative and a Reddit alternative and a YouTube alternative. Even if you put these different content types in separate tabs, it would inevitably make things seem more confusing and thus raise the barrier of entry. Add a Videos tab to Mastodon to view stuff on PeerTube, and people are inevitably going to go, "Wait, what's this? Is this like YouTube? I thought this was just a Twitter alternative! This all seems too complicated," even if you tell them to ignore it.

    It's probably best to leave Mastodon as it is: a microblogging platform that has some limited federation with other formats. The way Kbin threads currently display on Mastodon is fine. In fact, when I post a Kbin thread, I'm expecting it to be viewed via a thread aggregator. If people on Mastodon were part of the target audience, I would've made a microblog post.

    Now, if you want to make something that lets you view everything on the fediverse via different tabs, feel free. As aforementioned, Kbin supports both threads and microblogs, though it comes with some challenges (e.g., trying to fit magazine-less microblog posts into Kbin's magazine system). However, this doesn't mean every platform on the fediverse needs to seamlessly incorporate everything else. I'd love people on Mastodon to promote and even try out Lemmy & Kbin more, but that doesn't mean Mastodon needs to also become a thread aggregator.

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    Difference between Kbin and Lemmy is how they show their threads. Lemmy does community self boosting that's why it shows in Mastodon Groups, Kbin does not.
    Mastodon working on groups but last I heard about it is in August I think... so nothing yet.
    You can manually add lemmy and Kbin threads by posting link into Mastodon search, but again not useful and only when you want to respond not lurking.
    I would also want more interactivity with threads as I use my Misskey.io account much more for posting but have to do jump hoops for threads I want to share show up. You can't make threads to Kbin from Mastodon/Misskey as they are sorted to microblogs, while addressing @ to lemmy community will work to make a thread.
    All in all we are yet to have good communication between threads and microblogs, my solution for that is set up Mastodon bot that checks RSS feed of my community/magazine and post whenever new thread is made. Afterwards just copy link from bot in mastodon search and you can view/reply.

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    Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Lettuce who?
    Lettuce in, it's cold out here!

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    random post section
    Might as well show this one as well
    Mastodon ehh same on Misskey.

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