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Kbin_space_program , (edited )

I'm sure there are zero side effects from loading up clouds with salt crystals.

Like, salt water rain, for example. Given that what we put up into clouds comes back eventually, usually as rain.

Kbin_space_program ,

It's a core problem with image generator LLMs. For some fucking reason they seem to have fed them the content from sites that had a lot of porn. Guessing Imgur and Deviantart.

Literally the first time I tried to use MS's image generator, was out with some friends trying a new fried chicken place and we were discussing fake tinder profiles.

So I thought to try it and make a fake image of "woman senuously eating fried chicken".
Content warning, blah blah blah.

Try "Man sensuously eating fried chicken". Works fine.

We were all mystified by that. I went back a few days later to play around. Tried seeing what it didn't like. Tried generating "woman relaxing at park".
Again, content warning. Switch to a man, no problem. Eventually got it to generate with "woman enjoying sunset in a park." Got a very dark image, because it generated a completely nude woman T-posing in the dark.

So, with that in hand I went back and started specifying "fully clothed" for a prompt involving the word "woman". All of a sudden all of the prompts worked. They fed the bot so much porn that it defaulted women to being nude.

Could the Federation defeat Star Wars' Empire in an all-out war?

Would a Federation warship like the Defiant out gun a Star Wars Star Destroyer? Who has a bigger armada? Who has the tactical advantage? Don't forget that The Federation includes the Klingons, who love warfare and have fast, agile, heavily armed ships, with cloaking devices, and the Vulcans with superior logic and tactical...

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

Star Trek has vastly better sensors, shielding, weapons and science.

Sensors: they can detect the atmosphere and cargo inside a ship as well as how many individuals are in it. SW can't detect when an entire ship has docked to the hull.

Science: and then they can beam a person out of it. They can screw with any technology while transporting too.

Shielding: ISDs and Death Star can't keep fighter and the millennium falcon from running around inside their shield envelope. Federation shields give them the option to block crafting from passing.

Weapons: They made bombs that break space itself, and then apparently almost everyone agreed to ban them because its a stupidly dangerous idea.

Science 3: Genesis Device. Oh great you can destroy a planet. The Federation can create an entire solar system with a bomb.

Science 4: Federation developed a matter phasing cloak. Romulans made personal cloaks.

The only advantage the Empire has is numbers of ISDs. Even then, if the empire makes the wrong move they'll piss off the Dominion or the Borg, and the empire literally can't touch the borg.

Kbin_space_program ,

Oh, the Eclipse. Yeah, the ship that the rebels stole and then blew up?

Federation captains deal with Q, some on a regular basis. Palpatine can somehow he came back against a being that is everything he wishes he was.

Kbin_space_program ,

As far as I understand it though, their hyperspace is the same as ST's subspace network used by the Borg. It's very fast, but it only works on existing lanes. So while theoretically a SW ship is faster, it's only if they're using a known route. Which only exist in their galaxy.

Unlike ST though, SW ships can't map out hyperspace paths with sensors but have to do so manually via manned ship.

Kbin_space_program ,

Adapt to it as best we can. Minimize your use of fossil fuels, particularly Natural Gas(Methane). Get some books on farming to understand a worst case need to live off grid.

We're past the point that we can go back. The glaciers on Antarctica and Greenland are in a self-sustaning melt cycle at this point.

Kbin_space_program ,

Yay, does this mean that Google is going to stop saying the masked email address is the sender and hide the true email address?

You know, like MS has done for over 15 years now?

Kbin_space_program ,

It was a work issue about a decade ago. Client wanted certain emails from automation to be masked as coming from him.

Most email boxes, including Gmail, didn't have an issue. Outlook(the one that shipped with Office) laughed at it and displayed the original sender in giant bold letters.

Kbin_space_program ,

Also, "usually trouble".

Have rarely seen anyone have trouble crossing there. Unless it's Tesla, BMW or Audi SUV, then just let them go pass, because they can't drive anyways.

Kbin_space_program ,

No. The rehab is free.
Province is even putting people up in apartments.

Only rule is: no drugs in the apartment and you enroll in a free rehab program. 80% are turning it down willingly.

Kbin_space_program ,

Please don't create straw man arguments.

I never said cold turkey or abstinence. I said "no drug use in the free apartment."

Kbin_space_program ,

Fyi: is a joke, they're foam.

Also, this crossing needs a dedicated light that ties into the nearby traffic light.

'Hamas mouthpiece': Netanyahu lauds new law allowing him to shut Al-Jazeera in Israel ( www.haaretz.com )

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the law's passing, saying that "Al Jazeera has harmed Israel's security, actively participated in the October 7 massacre, and incited against IDF soldiers. It's time to remove Hamas' mouthpiece from our country."...

Kbin_space_program ,

You realize that Netenyahu and his fascist Likud party are the ones responsible for eliminating democracy in Israel?

Kbin_space_program ,

Oh yeah, its his party, he's just the face.
It's the offshoot of the same party that led Albert Einstein to distance himself from the concept of Israel back in the late 1940s.

Also, allegedly that most of the reason Hamas got to execute their October 7th plot in the first place was that Bibi had all of those soldiers off intimidating the judges that were overseeing his multiple criminal trials

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

Sir Terry Pratchett.

A phenomenal author whose ability to weave a story is fantastic, but was also adept at writing in jokes and references that make re-reading the novels a delight.

Kbin_space_program ,

Until he faces consequences for this, there is no downside to him.

And the longer it takes for there to be consequences, the better it is for him when they happen, as it is increasingly attributed to him "being right" to his cult.

Kbin_space_program ,

For Canadians, Environment Canada has a fantastic app called WeatherCan that includes all of the usuals, has doppler radar for all of North America with the option for a one or three hour loop.

It also includes alerts from Environment Canada for any location you've added and links to the marine weather forecast site.

Kbin_space_program ,

Flip the script. Have a bunch of adventurers hired by a guild to take out a dungeon full of "monsters" goblins, ogres, etc. See how long it takes before they realize its a mall/bazaar or that the guild wanted it gone because the mall/bazaar owners refused to capitulate to the guild.

Kbin_space_program ,

Before that they have to figure who actually owns the ship. Which may or may not be easy.

Kbin_space_program ,

Didn't say they couldn't afford them. They didn't want to pay that expense

Former gaming executive sentenced to death in poisoning of billionaire Netflix producer in China ( www.cbsnews.com )

A former executive at Yoozoo Games was sentenced to death on Friday in the 2020 poisoning of the founder of the high-profile Chinese gaming company, which has links to Game of Thrones and the new Netflix series, "The Three-Body Problem."...

Kbin_space_program ,

If you think for a second they're actually doing anything to these people, I have the deed to a bridge in Baltimore I want to sell you

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

*For a pittance of their master's money.

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

Mar-A-Lago is in Florida.

The golf course that was at risk is one in New York State.

I think it might be the one that his head lawyer(Alina Habba) conned a victim of years long sexual assault by her(the victim) manager to accept a shitty deal that forces the victim into silence and to accept a fraction of what she is owed. Which, incidentally, is how she became his head lawyer.

Kbin_space_program ,

Fun fact time: in the 18th and 19th century Britain, postal service was fast enough to have Charles's reply back the same day, with enough time for Edward to make up some fun British insult and write it down and send it off.

Kbin_space_program ,

Cats are subtle gestures.
E.g. their slow blink thing conveys so much information. How fast you do it, how long you hold it, the tilt of your head. It all ties into the message.

Kansas Is About to Pass the Most Extreme Age Verification Law Yet ( www.404media.co )

An age verification bill in Kansas that is the most extreme in the country has passed both House and Senate and is on its way to the governor’s desk. The bill will make sites with more than 25 percent adult content liable to heavy fines if they don’t verify that visitors are over the age of 18. It also calls being gay...

Kbin_space_program ,

Time to make and market a package of 30,000 10 frame long 100 pixel x 100 pixel random videos.

At what number of grains of sand does a non-pile graduate into being a pile?

I'm of the view that this is a semantic question where we have a word, "pile", that describes a general amount but doesn't have a specified quantity to it, and so the only way we can determine the amount of units required to constitute a pile at the bare minimum, is through public consensus on the most commonly shared idea we...

Kbin_space_program ,

At what point is a sauce not a curry, soup or drink?

Bug your indian friends by calling Ketchup a tomato curry.

Kbin_space_program ,

No, it's pretty arguable that the first nations of the "Pacific North West" had it ridiculously good for a hunter-gatherer society.

Which is why they didn't progress into "more advanced" tools or housing; they didnt need to. For example, Western Red Cedar is very close to a perfect wood. Grows quickly, grows very straight, little to no knots, easily split and can be turned into fibers for clothing, but its also fairly strong and can be made into structural housing. And it's naturally rot resistant.

Hell, they made ocean capable dugout canoes from them, as well as everything else from homes to totem poles, artwork, furniture and clothing. Then for food they had rudimentary agriculture for some items, but most of the coastal diet was Pacific Salmon, caught though spears or nets.

As far as I understand it, the only aggressive culture in the region was the Haida because they lived on relatively small chain of islands. Everyone else basically just lived and partied.

Kbin_space_program ,

Also, if they meant Christianity conquered the Celts. No. That was mostly Julius Caesar, who slaughtered at least a quarter of them, enslaved another quarter and the remainder were tricked into shit land deals for wine and Roman weapons(just like their French, Spanish and British descendants would to most of the rest of the world ~1500-1700 years later.)

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

Unfortunately its all in person knowledge from living in the area.

Coast Salish Agriculture: permanent exhibit at UBC Botanical Garden. Specifically how they cultivated groves of Garry Oak trees.

Searching Garry Oak or Garry Oak Tree turns up a fair bit of resources to read there.

In general, a bit to read about a non PNW native agriculture is a short excerpt in The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. He talks about what we consider the "natural state" of the island of Manhattan. To paraphrase: If you consider it plains or meadow, that's not the natural state. That state was one created and managed by native people in the area when European explorers and settlers arrived.

As for their use of the western red cedar. Again, in person. For in person visits and information I would recommend:
• Grouse Mountain maintains a small collection, as well as some respectable Alpine-ish hiking in the summer.
• Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC: tourist attraction run by the local native band.
• The best would of course be the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Edit: which works with the native groups to display/restore/preserve artifacts. Its not just pilfered stuff.

Kbin_space_program ,

A maga movement to seize power and turn the US into a theocratic dictatorship.

Kbin_space_program ,

Obama's biggest achievement was getting a worse version of Healthcare that the 2012 Republican candidate implemented as a governor.

Kbin_space_program ,

"Butterfly" is OP a bot?

That is a bird, <insert pronoun>!.

Kbin_space_program ,

Third option: get blankets one bed size up.

King size comforter on a Queen size bed solved the "who stole the comforter last night issue" for me.

Kbin_space_program ,

I used to not do it, but now I do because it's ridiculously nice to just to have it all ready to go.

Kbin_space_program ,

Will increasing the model actually help? Right now we're dealing with LLMs that literally have the entire internet as a model. It is difficult to increase that.

Making a better way to process said model would be a much more substantive achievement. So that when particular details are needed it's not just random chance that it gets it right.

Kbin_space_program ,

It's an exaggeration, but its not far off given that Google literally has all of the web parsed at least once a day.

Reddit just sold off AI harvesting rights on all of its content to Google.

The problem is no longer model size. The problem is interpretation.

You can ask almost everyone on earth a simple deterministic math problem and you'll get the right answer almost all of the time because they understand the principles behind it.

Until you can show deterministic understanding in AI, you have a glorified chat bot.

Kbin_space_program ,

You're building beautiful straw men. They're lies, but great job.

I said originally that we need to improve the interpretation of the model by AI, not just have even bigger models that will invariably have the same flaw as they do now.

Deterministic reliability is the end goal of that.

Google will start showing AI-powered search results to users who didn't opt in ( www.engadget.com )

If you're in the US, you might see a new shaded section at the top of your Google Search results with a summary answering your inquiry, along with links for more information. That section, generated by Google's generative AI technology, used to appear only if you've opted into the Search Generative Experience(SGE) in the Search...

Kbin_space_program , (edited )

Is amusing that bing moved their AI results to the bottom of the page.

Appeals Court Bails Trump Out of Having to Post Massive Fraud Bond ( www.rollingstone.com )

Donald Trump was supposed to have to post a $464 million bond by Monday or else the state of New York could begin collecting on the massive civil fraud judgment leveled against him earlier this year. An appeals court bailed him out, blocking collection of the judgment and giving the former president 10 days to post a...

Kbin_space_program ,

Trump is a man who prior to 2015, was a close personal friend of both of the Clintons.

As I understand it, Ivanka is still a close friend of Chelsea Clinton.

He might act like he's not part of the elite power clique. But he's absolutely part of the elite power clique.

Kbin_space_program ,

EMT is a noble calling. It's far from a "broken dream"

Kbin_space_program ,

Due to cost profit margins and shareholder returns.

Fixed that for you.

Kbin_space_program ,

Nah its Google acting. The EU only cares when it is alone or particularly MS.

Hasbro Calls Larian an 'Incredible Partner' After Studio Confirms it Won't be Making Baldur's Gate 4 - IGN ( www.ign.com )

"Larian has been an incredible partner, and together we are proud of the success of Baldur’s Gate 3. Watch this space for more on some awesome D&D games we are bringing to life through Hasbro’s studios and our network of licensing partners. We have an unbeatable library of toy and game brands and many fantastic partners...

Kbin_space_program ,

Well there is that Hasbro fired all of the Wotc team that helped Larian make BG3.

Kind of makes you salty.

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