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The link on Memmy for the Play Store leads to Voyager.

Samsung isn't bringing the A55 to the US this year ( www.androidpolice.com )

"We can confirm that Galaxy A35 5G will be coming to the US market and look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks. While we will not be carrying Galaxy A55 5G at this time, consumers can still take advantage of our Galaxy innovation at great value with Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 FE."

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How is it different than OneNote, Evernote, or any one of the other hundreds of journal/note-taking apps?

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For me you can set videos to automatically play at their highest resolution, as well as launching a miniplayer that continues showing the video when you scroll down and look at comments.

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When is the last time you’ve used it? Microsoft opened it up and now you can find all types of non UWP apps in it.

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I’m on US Mobile paying $18 for 6gb per month. Was in Madrid, Spain for almost 2 years during the pandemic and paid €15 on Vodafone for even more. And it rolled over so I eventually had around 100Gb.

Any Lemmy apps which allow swiping between posts? ( kbin.social )

I'm looking for an app which allows me to open a post and then just swipe to the left to see the next post down. So far I've tried Jerboa, Connect, and Sync and all seem to want to perform actions on whatever comment you happen to swipe on rather than move the entire post/thread.

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