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സാങ്കേതിക ലോകത്തേക്ക് കണ്ണും നട്ടിരുന്നപ്പോൾ മനസിലാക്കിയ ചില വിവരങ്ങൾ പങ്കു വയ്ക്കുക എന്നതാണ് ഉദ്ദേശം ! #Malayalam

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GenXer , to fdroid
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    @QuazarOmega @GenXer Yes for sure..I made the same mistake unknowingly😥😥...

    It was the Twitter habit which caused the problem for me "Tagging and mentioning other profiles in every post for reach/other"..

    In here in Mastodon mentioning Lemmy page means posting in to that forum.... Right?


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    @QuazarOmega Copy that Sir 👮‍♂️

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    @BitingChaos @adonis It's the uncontrollable data usage for me😰😰 ...Every app update minimum 300mb 😭😭😭

    I am excited about all the changes coming to our DEs!

    I like to watch videos published by Nick from The Linux Experiment. In the latest video he talks about the developments in the new Cosmic, The quality of life touches and polishing of KDE, and the apps coming to gnome (like snoop). It is all really cool and I can’t wait to try them all :)

    IvidappAvidapp , to linux
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    Caps lock key not working on Ubuntu 23.10 Dev branch? or is it only for me? 😞

    .10 @linux @Linux

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