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HamSwagwich ,


I've been running one. showeq.com

The basic service gets overloaded quickly and you'll need to upgrade if you get any traction at all.

Also, since KBin federation is broken, it's not great

Is kbin.social still having federation issues? (kbin.social)

I ask because I made an account on https://lemmy.zip and the kbin.social magazines there seems to have incomplete contents. e.g. kbinMeta@kbin.social there only have one thread from 25 days ago. RedditMigration@kbin.social there seemed more up-to-date but number of comments are still less than what I can see directly on...

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HamSwagwich ,


Yes it does. My KBin node is not federating with KBin.social or only works intermittently.

HamSwagwich ,

@revampeduser I would really like to see this as well. Now if I can just figure out how to host my own Peertube instance... /sigh

HamSwagwich OP ,

Thank you for the reply! I'm still not getting any federated content either direction with my node from KBin.social

I'm running a KBin node for the record, not Lemmy

Still working on it?

HamSwagwich OP ,

It's showeq.com

I appreciate you checking into it

HamSwagwich OP ,

@ernest I restarted my instance and it seems to be receiving federated content from kbin.social, but any content I post isn't being received by kbin.social.

HamSwagwich OP ,

@ernest it started working a couple hours ago. No idea why . Thought maybe you knocked something loose

HamSwagwich OP ,

@ernest It stopped federating again. I restarted my instance, but still nothing I post on my node is coming to kbin.social. If i post to kbin.social, it federates to my node without a problem.

YSK: Signal is a great secure private messenger app comparable to others on the market. (restoreprivacy.com)

“When you use Signal, your data is stored in encrypted form on your devices. The only information that is stored on the Signal servers for each account is the phone number you registered with, the date and time you joined the service, and the date you last logged on.”...

HamSwagwich ,

The RCS issue hits the nail on the head I think. It's really the biggest stumbling block for everyone at this point.

HamSwagwich ,


I just tried this, but it doesn't seem like it's really ready for anything but a basic test environment.

When your system creates the service, it does so with the default elestio domain and there is no way to change it from within KBin, therefore your are stuck with a huge security hole and a nonsense domain name that's impossible for people to remember.

While you can indeed use your own domain name to resolve it, it doesn't appear that the domain is editable once KBin is setup (which is done automatically, and understandably on the federation side, you can't have the domain name changing)... so when you set up a KBin on Elestio, you are forever suck with "kbin-????-u5400.vm.elestio.app" as your server name in the Fediverse, which sucks and is really a non-starter.

I don't want to be @HamSwagwich@kbin-mynewkbininstance-u5400.vm.elestio.app

This appears to have the added effect of making it impossible to use Cloudflare as your proxy, since you get a bunch of 301 redirects bouncing between your resolved domain and the elestio domain, since KBin thinks it's name is the elastio domain and rediredts you, then our browser thinks it's going to the resolved domain and redirects you. Boing boing boing

"Antiwoke" magazin on kbin.social posting bullshit like "how to end Wokeness" and "Time to reject the extrem trans lobby harming our society" How to report ? he is the moderator of that magazin. (calckey.social)

@ernest how do I report a Magazin on kbin.social ? There is a usere called "ps" who is posting to his own "antiwoke" Magazin on kbin.social. Please remove this and dont give them a chance to etablish them self on kbin.social. When I report his stuff it will go to him because he is the moderator of the magazin? Seems like a...

HamSwagwich ,

Ive decided not to block him so I can follow him around annoying him and downvoting everything he says

Perfect example of why voting should be public!

Blocking him is the right answer, it's the right thing to do and solves the problem of him presenting posts you don't want to see.

HamSwagwich ,

I used to be against removing the downvote button, but honestly, it's used a weapon more than anything else. It's also used as "I disagree with this person" instead of an indicator of the value or veracity of a given post, which is not the intent. As such, I've now come around to the position that removing downvotes is the way to go.

Upvoting if you like a post, or do nothing if you don't is the correct answer I think.

HamSwagwich ,

Its does let people see that their comment has been seen as is unpopular, compared with just unnoticed. I'm okay with that style of downvote being private.

I think that's the fundamental problem though. Just because a comment is unpopular doesn't mean it's not valuable or even correct. It's often the unpopular opinions that are the most important. No always, obviously, but social change starts from unpopular opinions. It's a double-edged sword.

HamSwagwich ,

That's changing the AP protocol, which is a huge undertaking, as it affects everyone in the Fediverse at that point, requiring new code to whatever platform that they are using. I think that's the hardest route to go down.

HamSwagwich ,

It was a divide by zero and you killed us all. Now we are in a different timeline.

https://kbin.social/m/MandelaEffect checking in.

HamSwagwich ,

This explanation and suggestions from @poVoq was the absolute best I've seen and I agree with nearly all of it.

The stated rationale for up and down-votes in Lemmy is to crowd-source content curation as an alternative to what other social media platforms do with their algorithms. A secondary goal is to crowd-source a sort of light moderation of comments by partially sorting comments threads after votes. This is similar to how it works in Reddit and HN etc.

While both sounds good on paper, in my experience neither works on Lemmy. I think this is mainly because the number of votes and comments (aka the number of active participants) is just too low on 95% of the posts for it to result in a meaningful content curation signal. But to make it worse, there are some notorious heavy users that abuse the system, which is easy to do as a few down-votes are usually sufficient.

I think the Lemmy devs still hope that at some point there will be sufficient scale for their vote curation system to work, but I started to think that a design that only works at a certain scale is fundamentally flawed in a federated context.

For Kbin I think it is even less likely to work, as the decision to use boosts as upvotes will make people hesitant to up-vote. While I agree that boosts make certain sense to use for this, I also know that people un-follow accounts that do too much boosting as it results in it occupying their entire home-feed. For me a boost is a stronger signal than a star/favorite and thus should be used more seldomly.

However, I still think using boosts as upvotes is not necessarily a bad idea, but it IMHO requires to get away from the up/down vote idea of Lemmy where it is encouraged to vote as much as possible (and even that isn't at a sufficient scale for the idea to work in Lemmy).

My suggestion is to lean into the idea to use boosts as up-votes and very explicitly use the "double-arrow" boost icon where currently the up-vote button is and do away with the down-vote there all together. That will integrate better with the rest of the fediverse and not lead to people being confused that others unfollow them over boost spam. You can still count the number of boosts to do some basic "hot" sorting, but this will work better with small communities that do not have sufficient scale.

You can still add a "dislike" or so button where currently the "comments, favorites, more" buttons are, but that should be an optional thing and not federate, or only federate in the local bubble (a concept of Akkoma for forming closer relations of a small number of instances).

Edit: for comments I would forget about votes all together, as on Lemmy vote abuse is even more common in the comments. Boosting comments out of context is often a bit jarring in the fediverse anyways, so the option to boost them should be probably de-emphasized.

HamSwagwich OP ,

I think it confuses everyone. I have no idea why these two things exist in KBin. It's a complete mystery the thought process that went into it.

HamSwagwich OP ,

I'm viewing this from KBin and I don't see strikethrough.

HamSwagwich OP ,

Right, so boost behaves like Reddit upvote at the moment. So the title of the post is accurate still.

HamSwagwich OP ,

@ernest I can't imagine how stressful it is for you. I've run a few larger projects (ShowEQ back in the day, being one of the bigger ones), but nothing that blew up so quickly like Kbin has and I don't envy your position. I really appreciate the work you've put into KBin and I want to see it succeed!

HamSwagwich ,

It's a good question, and yeah I dislike that the community owner is now the owner on the instance in question. I guess it kind of makes sense, but it's confusing as hell.

HamSwagwich OP ,

I would, but I've already set up shop with my forums here and trying to recreate them and move all the threads would be impossible.

HamSwagwich ,

Is there any way to "Follow" a topic without putting in a reply, like this? Because I'd like to follow this topic, but I don't have anything useful to contribute, except this text, which isn't very useful.

HamSwagwich ,

Yeah exactly

HamSwagwich , to kbinMeta

If I'm on a Lemmy instance, I can't find any Kbin.social magazines or users. Why is that?

For example, if I search for myself on lemmy.world, such as !hamswagwich, or @hamswagwich, or hamswagwich@kbin.social it's not found.

Same for Kbin.social magazines, for example, searching for !TeslaMotors brings up nothing. Same with other lemmy instances. Why is that?

HamSwagwich ,

Yeah that got me, too. It's pretty bass-ackwards. Why have a giant button for Add Photo when you actually have to click that little icon to add the photo. It makes absolutely no sense.

HamSwagwich ,

tossmysalad.com ... right along side patreon.com. I'm in.

HamSwagwich , (edited )

Is there any list like that for Kbin?

HamSwagwich ,

Spez and his ego are too invested in it now. He can't back down, his ego won't allow him to. Although, I could see a vote of no confidence from the board removing him and them saying "Oops our bad, we've removed him and we're going to listen to the community."

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