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ParadeGrotesque , to privacy
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"Among other things, [the UK Government] want to be able to prevent companies from providing important security updates and ensure these powers would have a global effect." from @privacy

Excuse me, for just a moment, BUT WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F*ING F?? 🤣

Yeah, no. Not going to happen.


FrankauLux ,
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@ParadeGrotesque @privacy

Not going to happen ?
Out of curiosity, how to you intend to prevent them ?
French gov decided they had power on your phone, passed the law, and nothing happened to prevent them...

FrankauLux ,
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@ParadeGrotesque @privacy

my point has nothing to do with either phone or computer. My point is that when a governement wants to pass a law that will reduce personnal freedom, there is very little you or me can do to prevent it. Examples abunds.
feel free to point me to counter-examples.

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