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A late pattern in Reddit was personal subreddits - communities named after the account that created them. They were infrequently used, but it provided a smoother pipeline for people who lurked or commented in existing communities to become comfortable making posts and moderating communities themselves.

Ideally these communities would be prevented from appearing in the "Trending Communities" list or local/global feeds unless someone other than the owner was subscribed to them, but wouldn't be private in the sense that no-one could see them. Just they wouldn't get wide distribution.

Another pattern is the "Country Club" post - where individual posts in a community could be limited to people verified to post in restricted threads. This comes from BlackPeopleTwitter. The individual verification method is likely not the only way to achieve this. People who comment or vote could be limited to only those who share the instance, are subscribed to the community before the post is made, or are members of instances whitelisted by the community.

Both of these patterns are interpretations of 'private' to mean 'restricted' and not 'secret'.

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That makes sense.

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You can see beehaw has a lot less activity now then it had last year.

Fediverse Observer and FediDB show a drop in active users, but the pattern of peak in July 2023 and then a slow regression isn't unique to Beehaw, and is a pattern seen across the Threadiverse.

You left, but Beehaw being willing to give teeth to the concept of defederation is the reason I joined. I don't think the decision hurt their user-count. It definitely helped distinguish their culture from the rest of the Fediverse.

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Chinese billionaires

According to the Hurun Global Rich List 2023, China housed the highest number of billionaires worldwide in 2023. In detail, there were 969 billionaires living in China. By comparison, 691 billionaires resided in the United States. India, Germany, and the United Kingdom were also the homes of a significant number of billionaires that year.

Chinese income inequality


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As an abolitionist, I look forward to ponderous think pieces about the horrors of the prison industrial complex starting to appear in right-wing publications.

Israel is starving Gaza (www.btselem.org)

Israel forces aid organizations to purchase food from Egypt and prevents them from buying it in Israel, which would allow for a more efficient and rapid transfer of goods. Israel also prohibits the private sector in Gaza from purchasing food, which could significantly increase supply. Although Israel recently allowed trucks in...

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I was going to joke that he probably got it from the police he trained in the United States, but the inclusion of an Israeli flag takes this from fascist shit to peak fascist shit.

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I love TomSka and this video.

One quibble I have is his use of "freebooting" to mean uploading something and passing it off as your own. Freebooting to me has always meant sharing a work without directly compensating the copyright owners of the work, without the connotation of falsely taking credit for it. The term was invented and popularized by file-sharers whose copyright indifference was frequently termed "stealing" - when it has little in common with theft of a physical object.

Before file-sharing was popular, bootleg copies of live performances were a normal part of band fan culture, and bands would countenance or even encourage it. Bootleg recordings were never intentionally falsely attributed. Likewise, freebooting compares what file-sharers are doing with the bootleg recording industry; one that is nominally illicit, but complements the artists' reputation and status.

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I think you're right. I looked up the podcast, and it was coined by Brady Haran. I think I conflated conversations about the role of bootlegging compared to copyright infringement and the development of the term freebooting to mean re-hosting content. It sounds like referencing bootleg recording wasn't part of the original intended nuance of the term.

I think you're also correct that TomSka's use of the term to include claiming ownership is still a semantic shift.

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It's a good thing that birds aren't real, and already have RemoteID built-in.

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Thatz your sharpnez! Thatz your powa!

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