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Dogs. Progressive. Anti-Status Quo. Dogs. Generation Jones (Not Boomer - Not X). Dogs. Militant Atheist (as I've been called). Dogs. Prodigious Producer of Profanity. Dogs. Fan of Sportsball, but not of Sportscabals. Dogs.

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litteracarolina , to Historikerinnen group
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I'm buying an endoscopic camera for looking inside . Can anyone recommend one they've used before?

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DukeDuke ,
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@litteracarolina @medievodons @bookstodon @histodons @historikerinnen

I bought this unit four years ago for general use around the house/shop. Dunno if it'll suit your specific needs, but has always worked well for me. It uses your phone as the display via wi-fi.


TheConversationUS , to histodons group
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If history had taken another path, bar codes would look dramatically different today. Pictured: Here’s some of the options that were being considered, and the bull’s-eye was a favorite ⬇️

“Even in their wildest dreams, [the committee members] could not have imagined how consequential their decision ended up being,” writes Jordan Frith of Clemson University.

DukeDuke ,
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@TheConversationUS @histodons I remember buying this issue of MAD Magazine back in the day. They were pissed about being forced to deface the cover with a bar code, so this was their response.

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  • DukeDuke ,
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    @mathew @TheConversationUS @histodons I saw them in concert in Seattle in '83. At the end of the show, they tossed their hats into the crowd. To this day, I still wish I'd been able to grab one. 😄

    DukeDuke ,
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    @TheConversationUS @histodons Outstanding! Thanks for pointing me to this!

    nixCraft , to Random
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    who here remembers this one?

    DukeDuke ,
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    @nixCraft Ooh, good reminder! I've been having trouble getting an old version of CloneCD to install on W7. Now I'm going to have to dig up Nero and see if I can get it to work!

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