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Companies based in China can, in fact, develop real technology. The US engages in more espionage thsn anyone, but that doesnt mean US companies can’t develop real tech.

There are real people and real innovations being made in China and it’s so wrong to just summarily dismiss them because they happen to live in a world power that does what all world powers do.


If you dislike the Chinese government, then i can understand that and i’ve got no issue with that, but is it really “special”? Can you abide/forgive all of the things the US has done (especially abroad)? Are you keeping that same energy for the US? So many on here (and previously Reddit) will say things so blatantly xenophobic as long as it’s somehow anti-Chinese.

Just so you know, NearLink is a standard created by an alliance made up of hundreds of companies.

Do you react this way to AV1 since it was created by the Alliance for Open Media (which also includes Huawei)? It just seems totally uncalled for to automatically react to it like that.


You seem to be right. i misunderstood exactly how privacy.resistFingerprinting worked.


is this what you’re referring to?

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board on Friday resurrected key elements of a policy it eliminated more than 50 years ago requiring businesses that commit labor law violations to bargain with unions without holding formal elections.


That’s how all search engines fundamentally work though. The whole point if that they try to bring the most relevant results to the top and downrank things like spam and unhelpful/irrelevant results. Downranking misinfo spam websites isn’t “censorship”. Not ranking resullts would make search engines completely pointless.

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