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What rubs me the wrong way is the $20 ask to remove ads

I would feel the same way if Sync was the one and only option to view Lemmy on mobile but it’s not. You can use all the other FOSS apps which don’t have ads.

By the way you can install a global adblocker on your phone to remove all (well, most let’s say) ads across your device. I use one and don’t see any ads on Sync, just a blank square.

Digester ,
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Lemmy instances run on servers which are funded by donations. I don’t see how Sync (which is made by one developer) gets to be frowned upon because there’s a price for ad removal. All FOSS projects are somehow funded, usually by donations. Nothing runs for free.

If we get to use all the FOSS Lemmy apps is because someone put in the time and money to make it happen.

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I’ve tried pretty much all the FOSS Lemmy apps I could get my hands on but the experience Sync provides is far superior. I’m an ex Boost user and since I couldn’t find Boost for Lemmy I naturally gravitated towards Sync and I’m not looking back.

I did it, I distro hopped

I told myself I wasn’t gonna do it anytime soon but I distro hopped from Endeavour OS to Arch with Hyprland in the span of 3 days. Nothing against endeavour. I just tried to customize, broke some stuff and decided to try Hyprland again. I’m quite liking it. It takes awhile to get used to it but it’s fun. I cloned a repo...

Digester OP ,
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My recommendation would be to have Linux on the 500gb drive and then install windows directly on the other drive without partitioning. I wouldn’t install Linux on a partition as Windows likes to mess with the bootloader but if Linux is on it’s own drive you can always boot it from EFI without issues.

I started pirating movies again after a decade

I was a happy Netflix user until 2018, before that I haven’t really pirated any movies (with very rare exceptions) for almost a decade but I recently started again. I’m was doing my monthly budgeting and realized I was paying for too many subscription services. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shudder, Disney+, Hulu and Crunchyroll....

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