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Proton’s encrypted password manager is now available to everyone. - The Verge (

After rolling out its password manager to a limited number of users in April, Proton has finally released the service to the general public. The tool, called Proton Pass, uses end-to-end encryption to keep your usernames and passwords away from third parties, including Proton itself. It also lets you create and store randomly...

Cayenne05dingos ,

If you have IOS, then their password manager has all the features proton has, fake emails, 2 factor encryption, for free, these are paid features on proton.

On the other hand proton is open source. and can use it on non apple devices, android, linux, windows.

Cayenne05dingos OP ,

I guess what I want to learn is that if I were to type into Google “what are the best iPhone games Reddit” I would get a bunch of Reddit threads does the same thing work if I were to end the question and “lemmy”

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