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BoobiesUnite ,

Wow! This is a huuuge magazine to go almost completely unmoderated. It’s almost 20,000!
I can understand how some of the smaller magazines had their mods abandon them but this one is surprising!

It is good to see that the spirit of reddit still lives (

I am a brand new member of the fediverse and this is my first interaction, and I feel at home. When Reddit announced the api changes I stopped using the site entirely, and since then the thing I have missed the most is that reddit sense of humor, so this made me smile.

BoobiesUnite ,

Welcome to the fediverse! things are still kinda janky here but I find people are more helpful and it feels good to be a part of something new!

Also its not filled with shitty monetization schemes LOL

BoobiesUnite ,

Can someone explain what an RSS feed is? Sorry im not super technically literate 😅

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