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Game writer. Galactic backpacker. Kaiju whisperer. My other ride is a TARDIS.

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I’ve been using it for a while. I stopped.

My two issues were security concerns because Beeper needs to unencrypt my data from all platforms to re-encrypt it to send it to me, which sounds like a huge single point of failure; and regular connection issues where I had to switch back to the original app.

Great concept, but not quite there yet.

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Honestly, I’m just back to multiple apps. I work with people from all over, so I have like 7 different apps. Ah well.

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A crypto company turns out to be shady? Who would have thought!

Twitter, Threads, and the misunderstood nature of engineering (beehaw.org)

Complex internet services fail in interesting ways as they grow in size and complexity. Twitter’s recent issues show how failures emerge slowly over time as relationships between components degrade. Meta’s quick launch of Threads demonstrates how platform investments can compound over time, allowing them to quickly build on...

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I treat them as sports team insofar as I hope that the stadium catches on fire and collapses on both of them in the middle of the match.

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Zuck clearly put it there as a joke/Easter egg. I know it’s weird, but dystopian multibillionnaires whose life’s work undermines the very foundations of democracy around the world can have a (bad) sense of humor too.

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