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ajsadauskas , to tech
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Looks like there might be yet another mass-migration wave from Twitter to Mastodon on the way...


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but it’s the one many first-time Fediverse users coming across from Twitter end up on.

That’s because it’s the only one ppl will mention as an alternative. Stop telling ppl to try mastodon, tell them to try firefish or akkoma.

Also, the jump effect is way overstated. Some users do end up moving to other software, but many more just leave because they don’t like mastodon.

geekstv , to linux Spanish
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Agreed. This is a lemmy bug. The OP is on mastodon (where video previews are fetched and displayed) and has no control over how its rendered over here. It’d be nice if lemmy fetched the title and description

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It’s not OP’s fault, but voting is how we’re supposed to curate content. This post doesn’t have a title or description so it’s a bad post on lemmy and I think downvoting it is acceptable. Don’t consider votes a reflection of a user’s value or standing

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If Mozilla open sourced it years ago like they promised, it could be picked up by someone else.

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I’ve never really understood the EEE argument here. XMPP was an open proptocol, Google embraced it and attracted users, then extended it and took those users away. But according to this article, Google didn’t extinguish XMPP. It’s still around and serving its niche community.

That’s already the situation the fediverse is in. This is a niche community and there are already existing social media companies that the majority of internet users are on. If Facebook joins the fediverse, it brings billions of new users to the fediverse. If they then leave the fediverse, ActivityPub will still be here and all of us on the real fediverse will still be here, in a niche community. Everyone here has already chosen the fediverse despite it being a clunky, unpolished, niche network. How is EEE a relevant fear for the fediverse?

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Yes I read that and explained why I don’t think its relevant. Facebook can’t slow down progress on the fediverse because:

  1. progress is already slow. The fediverse has been in development for 15 years and still is a clunky, niche network and likely will always be less polished than large corporate networks.
  2. Every developer on the fediverse is aware of the EEE playbook and next to none of them will try to remain compatible with any corporate extensions.
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Users can block those with extensions so the data isn’t as reliable

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