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Do you know what DevTools is? Who it's for? How it's UI is organized? Where to find the different tools?

Today, we're launching our first guide on to address just those questions:


Over time, we'll continue to add short tips, but also new longer guides like this one.
The next one should be about measuring website performance.
Stay tuned!

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When people say you should "own your own data", or that the future of the web is "ownership", what does that mean?

We need to talk about digital ownership.

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So the results from yesterday's poll made it clear: people on the do not want to try ! 😆

82% of people said they will not be using Bluesky now that it's open to the public for registration. I have to say I approve of this high percentage. 😄

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This is a big deal:

The W3C, founded in 1994 by web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, has quit X and declared the fediverse to be their primary social media channel. Follow them at: @w3c

The future of the open web is .. the open web.

mima ,

@f09fa681 Issue of whatwg/html pretty much explains for itself what it means for contributions which don't get "enough implementer interest" in the despite having a significant grassroots support.

This obsession in making sure at least two "implementers" have the feature baked into their codebases is frankly bull and is one of the factors of why we have such a -biased . Theoretically it's there so that every feature would be certain that there are players backing and seeing that feature being useful and good for the , but in reality it has become Google's veto in most cases, with the popular being one of the victims here. It has been a standard for quite some years, yet Chrome's developers seem to have an extreme case of "Not Invented Here" syndrome and decided not to implement it for whatever reason. Maybe they really don't have an interest in it and are therefore in "patches welcome" mode like a corporation would do in . Or maybe, they saw it as a threat to their Google because it pretty much satisfies most of the usecases their toy project is designed to solve, and web developers don't want to deal with such a complex feature just to limit the scope of their . Whatever the reason is, this should not kill a feature that has been long-awaited by many web developers to be supported in their and is backed by a well-maintained and developed (which is in this case).

Allowing comments in GitHub issues is ultimately useless if the final decisions are made by a closed cabal of big "implementers" who as history has shown has been pretty much Google's lapdogs most of the time.

@fluepke @eloquence

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A bit ironic given this is disseminated over the Internet...

The Internet would be far better if giant corporations didn't control platforms & endlessly surveille & profile & do so very unequally--to me that largely is a capitalism, governance & regulatory failure--power & control of infrastructure.

@histodons @sociology @anthropology

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What's the best static site builder for people who make with tools so they think that can't build websites?

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Post >> Testing, testing • What I found in recent evaluations of web browsers and the new Cloudflare Fonts service.

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often blocks my ISP connection on websites that use it, so why would I trust ? This gets zero approval from me. If anything, this service just creates yet another pocket for cache alongside (that majority of websites were brainwashed to use already). If it's what to is, then I suggest avoiding extra hops and using instead.

👋🐰 Embrace the !

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It feels like each version of is an entirely new framework, it must be exhausting to work with.

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trashhalo , to technology in A list of recent hostile moves by #Google's #Chrome team (Jeff Fortin T. (

Reformatting body to be readable:

A list of recent hostile moves by ’s team; handy for sharing with your entourage, to explain why they should stop using / and use or as their main :

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