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Oooh, has the node graph functionality, which allows you to compose vector objects from the primitives like fill, stroke, transform and live filters in a visual manner!

Node graph interface and filters both give me this nice break-out I needed after LPEs in . Don't get me wrong: that program is THE legend, developers are masters of vectors, and it's purely native Gtk toolkit on which application is built. Right now, their priority is CMYK support, so follow if you're into printing.

I just love to experiment with shiny new software that's , especially one that uses and to its advantage.

Watch 'em apply circular repeat filter on a mere line to produce this fun sparkle effect. (It is Graphite's official channel, by the way. Wish they were on Mastodon?)

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Was working today on kind of an entry piece for Community Design Team: a logo and new mascot for (special type of container).

His name is Bootseef and he's ready to fly through updates! 🚀🚀 Thanks to Madeline Peck and Design Team for the sketches, sources and color choices that inspired me. 👋 I enjoyed doing this particular mascot the most. and have lots of work on their plate, so I invite aspiring and designers by trade to have a looksie-look in their GitLab issues. @fedora has engineering and other teams worth their gold, making software great, as well.

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    I had some more fun with patterns... Using simple black-and-white patterns [mostly]. Working with scale, orientation, blend modes, and transparency.
    Good fun... and maybe a decent start for a new video tutorial.

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    Done! The 1st draft of the 'Helpful Hints' for Inkscape is done - it needs some proofreading now and then the fixes. I hope it will be up for FREE soon!


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    OC Icon | dR Community Server

    Icon made especially for the Discord guild, dR Community Server. Rubber duck was a mascot from the start used in multiple places. In 2022, rainbow background was added to accentuate icon's body on hover....

    Background outside the circle consisting from red, yellow, cyan and purple. It's all covered with the green base and dRCS mascot, the rubber duck. It has "dRCS" written on its wing.
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