sping , to technology in Monaspace - Microsoft presents a new font family for code

Such a subjective thing and often heavily based on familiarity, but looking at that solidifies my appreciation for Ubuntu Mono

atoponce , to random
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Honest question: Which country are you from and which distribution do you use?

I'm in the United States, and run personally and administer professionally.

daredevil , (edited ) to linux in What are some things you wish you had known when switching to Linux?
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Though I enjoy and am currently using , I wish I learned about sooner. I didn't understand why game performance felt so off with my dual monitor setup for several months. I have since dabbled with an DE for some gaming, and Wayland support has alleviated those problems. However, I plan to look into other options when I've organized my data a bit more and establish proper backups. Learning , , , and tweaking were also useful for making my workflow into what it is. Also, I wish I knew how bad and support would be. Despite getting used to their applications, the absence of feature parity is immensely disappointing.

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Deprecated Linux ifconfig command and their replacement option cheatsheet. See my page https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-ip-command-examples-usage-syntax/ for more examples and usage.

IvidappAvidapp , to linux
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Caps lock key not working on Ubuntu 23.10 Dev branch? or is it only for me? 😞

.10 @linux @Linux

thelinuxEXP , to random
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In this week’s and News video, we have the new App Store that will demote deb packages, we have the alpha of 45, and proposing to add telemetry in a future release.

Let’s take a look:


congames007 , to random
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Question for my system engineers:

What's better for a home lab

  1. One application per VM
  2. Couple applications per VM
  3. All applications on one VM

I got around 6-7 applications that run on my server

nixCraft , to random
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now they switch to Ubuntu or Debian :P

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