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  • vildis , (edited ) to piracy in How do I configure Qbittorrent to do the maximum amount of seeding possible?

    This is copy pasted from the channel of the autobrr discord

    Tuning for 4.3.9-4.5.2 on 1gbps libtorrent 1.2


    Unlimited on all, rate limit µTP and LAN


    Peer connection protocol: TCP

    Global max: off

    Max num per torrent: off

    Global max number upload slots: off

    Max number of upload slots: off


    Interface: Bind your interface to prevent leaks

    File Pool Size: 5000

    Outstanding Mem: 128

    Disk Cache: 1024 (or -1 if you feel ballsy, 0 if you experience memory leaks)

    Disk cache expiry: 60

    Disk IO Type: Default

    Disk IO Read Mode: Enable OS Cache

    Disk IO Write Mode: Enable OS Cache

    Coalesce reads and writes: OFF

    Use piece extent affinity: ON

    Send Upload Piece Suggestions: ON

    Send Buffer Watermark: 5120

    Send Buffer Low Watermark: 512

    Send buffer watermark factor: Between 200-250, adjust as needed

    Outgoing connections per second: 50

    Socket Backlog: 1000

    Peer TOS: 128

    utp-tcp mixed mode algo: Prefer TCP

    Support IDN: ON

    Allow Multiple Connections from the same IP address: ON

    Validate HTTPS: OFF

    SSRF Mitigation: ON

    Upload Slots Behaviour: Fixed Slots

    Upload choking alogrithm: Fastest Upload

    Always announce to all tiers: ON

    Max concurrent HTTP Announces: 50-75 (only increase if experiencing announce issues with very high amount of torrents loaded in client)

    Peer turnover disconnect Percentage: 0

    Peer turnover threshold percentage: 90

    Peer turnover disconnect interval: 30

    Max outstanding requests to a single peer: Leave as is

    I personally left "Validate HTTPS" enabled since i haven't researched what security risks might come from disabling https

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