gibson , to Privacy in ISP junk generator

It usually isn't super hard to tell apart randomized junk like this from real human patterns. That is why Tor Browser for example tries its best to make everyone look the same instead of randomizing everything.

That said, for the mere purpose of throwing off the ISPs profiling algorithms, you could make a relatively simple python program to solve this. A naive solution would just do an http GET to each site, but a better solution would mimic human web browsing:

If you have no programming capability this will be rough. If you have at least a little you can follow tutorials and use an LLM to help you.

The main issue with this goal is that it isn't possible to tell how advanced your ISP's profiling is, so you have no way to know if your solution is effective.

Feel free to DM me if you go this route.

BentiGorlich Mod , to Testing Magazine German avatar

Dann haue ich hier jetzt auch mal noch einen Test raus

sarahjelm , to EduTooters group Swedish avatar

This just dropped into my mailbox
Thanks to Adam Grant (and Larry Cuban for reposting).
To fairly judge student learning is tricky. And even trickier if you set a time limit testing…

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