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Most people should use a manager, but there's no one-size-fits-all recommendation. https://ssd.eff.org/module/choosing-the-password-manager-that-s-right-for-you

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@eff I see the lack of and alternatives concerning. Maybe look into and combo?

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What is your favourite app? Would be interested if I can discover a few new cool apps, I missed until now. Thank you already for sharing! @fdroid

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@kirschner @fdroid I'll try harder then :)

client https://owncloud.com/
We use it to connect to our own server for storing receipts, plane tickets, company documentation etc. It's great to keep things synced between devices.

A similar thing is , which is cross platform although I don't have a use case for it at the moment, sadly. https://syncthing.net

Recommendations for a FOSS Cross-Platform Note-Taking Application

Up to now I’ve been using Simplenote, which has a Linux client (but also Android & iOS) & supports live collaboration on notes. However, Simplenote hasn’t had a meaningful update for a long time, & it’s recently been behaving strangely, e.g. notes undeleting themselves, line duplications & undeletions....

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I use as an alternative to cloud services. Share two folders, no matter where they are, on what device etc, provided the device can run a version of syncthing.
And its not only notes: pictures, movies and whatnot.
I transfered 60gb of pictures from the family oc to my phone with that

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Here's my favorite talk on - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

It's about doing works as a agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

📺 Watch on : https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/w/c7saLPLSHJiUDnXaww7ooQ
📺 Watch on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97cOcBGgXa4

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