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Starvation as a weapon for ethnic cleansing isn't better than to use pesticides on human individuals. It's inhumane to fight against from , isn't it? If that's not evidence of intentional genocide for the , then it must be me who's so confused about @palestine by

Maybe that's why the cans are mixed up in this vector re#interpretation of a well-known Andy . There's more than a meta-level in this POP Art if a Zyklon-B can is merged with Campbell's Tomato Soup, isn't it?

vs as 4 , not just !

vintprox , (edited ) to Random avatar

Oooh, has the node graph functionality, which allows you to compose vector objects from the primitives like fill, stroke, transform and live filters in a visual manner!

Node graph interface and filters both give me this nice break-out I needed after LPEs in . Don't get me wrong: that program is THE legend, developers are masters of vectors, and it's purely native Gtk toolkit on which application is built. Right now, their priority is CMYK support, so follow if you're into printing.

I just love to experiment with shiny new software that's , especially one that uses and to its advantage.

Watch 'em apply circular repeat filter on a mere line to produce this fun sparkle effect. (It is Graphite's official channel, by the way. Wish they were on Mastodon?)

TIL: Using Inkscape instead of GIMP

I used to work with Photoshop for years (industry standard, I thought). Moving to Linux, GIMP was the next to go logical step. I was never good in manually drawing vectors or embracing the vector image manipulation tooling in general which I regret now that I didn't move to Inkscape from day one. Yes, I used Inkscape back and...

chriskirknielsen , to Random avatar

So I've been working on this little side project for a couple of weeks. It's likely buggy so let me know if you find oddities.

Anyways, here's SVG Filter Maker, a graph-builder-like tool to craft your own filters:

Ideas and feedback are welcome!

vintprox , avatar

Your work is invaluable, @chriskirknielsen! Never thought about visualizing effect filters, but now makes a lot more sense because of such a tool.

I mean, in terms of non-destructive workflows and , the only thing I know that Just Works™ is . Of course, if ever got approved by Consortium, the progress would be apparent. Well, nevermind that! Having node graph for path effects, additionally, would probably make up for a stellar experience.

Your tool is something else: it comes at rescue in understanding raster SVG effects. I have a hope. 👍

OC Icon | dR Community Server

Icon made especially for the Discord guild, dR Community Server. Rubber duck was a mascot from the start used in multiple places. In 2022, rainbow background was added to accentuate icon's body on hover....

Background outside the circle consisting from red, yellow, cyan and purple. It's all covered with the green base and dRCS mascot, the rubber duck. It has "dRCS" written on its wing.
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