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Today Medea Benjamin spoke to lobbyists and profiteers of genocide at Capitol Hill, together with Code Pink.

How AIPAC replied in their own words to uncomfortable questions is telling so much more than Stanfords Prison Experiment data ever could, if accomplished.

Let's see if they and in effect US politicians, "democratic" (or not so much,) like and next generations stand for genocide...

Obviously, the fringe right autocratic and his zionist racist apartheid of Israel have benefits of Qui Bono, not US citizens, nor the population of Palestine.

isn't even registered as foreign agents while spending a budget of 100 Million dollars to bribe US politicians annually.
That's how easy it is to swing US votes in the interest of zionist Israel, and kind of a "anti-semitic conspiracy theory" for very well uneducated people, too. If this system ever was a Democracy is another question, but without a doubt it's not in a state of corruption like that.

If a computer is corrupted like that, it's wise to replace MS Windows. Better get rid of it's commercial tools and malicious routines with a Free GNU Operating System aka Linux. Sometimes it's necessary to replace an old harddisk with SSD, but each of those computers can run another decade with Free Software. That's good for our environment and what most of our gfkDSGN artists are working on.

The of was created with @inkscape , not . There is more fantastic software available for Free like @Krita @Blender @ardour @darktable @friction @kdenlive @OpenSCAD and so much more.

You'll see them in our tech toots. We at gfkDSGN don't just support , but , , , , , , and a Free @palestine of course, too. If You can accept that, Namaste, You are very welcome to follow us.

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Here's my favorite talk on - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

It's about doing works as a agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

📺 Watch on :
📺 Watch on : @mairin

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