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deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

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Just so we're clear: I include direct messaging link in format of 👌...which has no trouble with. The reason I even publish DM link instead of my , though, is because YouTube has a meltdown from links containing a second # (number sign, replace @ with it to get into my space).

From technical POV, it's one correct away for YouTube, as many modern social media and video platforms can handle it and do use normal . But, on the other hand, service just shouldn't be employing such flawed pattern or provide an alternative one, even if standard allows the former to exist.

So, yeah, there is that - it is hard to gather video viewers in such a place. It's a single thing that I miss from Discord invite links. Matrix ones don't need a vanity and it's sweet - one solution is put it through , but then the entire point is lost.

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