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deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

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Give my threads back, Discord!

Oh, what a dummy, sweet summer child me... Entrusting one feature (that goes astray from and VoIP nature which this piece of garbage was supposed to keep focus on) with link aggregation and presentation: I'm speaking of Discord's forum threads.

After a week of quality time with , I return to "server" (Discord's term for group) to check up on channels. Lurking, scrolling through this joke of a bulletin board in search of older posts proved futile. Most of the are simply gone! It took me long enough to make these pretty cards, now for them to evaporate without any communication from Discord...

You know what? I'm done with that bite more than they can chew, all the while trashing my content! , - shut the front door!!!

I could post this showcase of links on or potential - now I know this better. Hello, . Welcome , my cool abode!

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It seems like the hype for is over. The few communities I followed are either abandoned or fed solely by bots.
What a shame. Going back to is not an option either though.

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What qualifies as OC? | dR Bulletin Board

Here on we think of as an original content, or an original creation. Think the entire process of production, from start to finish: can you call this your own work? If preview or anything that sits in the thread you're posting contains copyrighted work of someone else, it's most likely just an adaptation/repost and as such you cannot claim it as OC.

OC threads have this small mark prepended to the title to set it apart from other works. Traditionally, OCs get more liberty from the discovery algorythms. I'm not entirely sure how it works on , compared to , but in any situation think of the reader first and algorythm second.

If the piece you're about to share was made by you and you only, don't hesitate and mark it as the original content! But avoid using OC mark for discussion starters, as they don't prove substantial enough of a work as such...

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[Article] La fédiverse n'est pas une startup

Ce post n'a pas de conclusion et n'est pas un essais. C'est un partage d'expérience, d'un ressentit en tant que utilisateur et modo sur :)

En relisant les anciens posts du blog de j'y trouve un certain écho. En tant qu'ancien utilisataire de Reddit, j'avoue que la tentation est forte de vouloir attirer d'avantage de redditaires. Je me retrouve un peu dans ce rôle de prophète (militant libriste) car j'associe les réseaux sociaux capitalistes à du tabagisme passif et de l'exploitation forcé des CGU. Donc, oui je fais chier tout le monde pour la bonne cause. L'enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions.

C'est difficile de cultiver un certain détachement, d'imaginer autre chose que Reddit surtout quand Lemmy ressemble à tout point à Reddit. Ya meme des posts qui ont repris mot pour mot les post publiés sur r/france. J'avoue ça fait bizarre. Est ce que le design du logiciel induit des comportements qu'on va retrouver à une certaine échelle ? Ou est ce que ça dit des choses sur nous-même dans nos interactions sociales et donc explique pourquoi on va utiliser ce réseau social et pas un autre ? Je ne sais pas.

En tout cas, Reddit comme Lemmy et Kbin, sont des agrégateurs de liens classés par thèmes, catégories comme un forum. Visuellement, on peut choisir notre fil d'actu par thématique sans suivre des personnes. Cela se démarque complètement de Firefish, Mastodon où c'est un peu le bordel mais gobalement tu es connecté à des personnes qui pensent à peu près comme toi et vont poster toute sorte de contenu sans forcément le classer sauf s'iel mettent un hashtag/filtres.

Et pour retrouver quelque chose sur mastodon, c'est galère. Il y a quelque chose de l'ordre de l'éphémère, de l'instant. Sur Lemmy, on peut ouvrir des mégafils intemporel qui sont réactivés à chaque fois qu'on commentera dessus car ce sera au premier plan, selon vos paramêtre d'affichage du fil.

En tout cas, pour revenir à ma réflexion, à mes pensées sous la douche, aux liens que nous cultivons avec Reddit, nous nous sommes exprimés sur le sujet du vote qui influence le classement des posts et nos comportements en tant que postaires. On l'a gardé comme tel. On pourrait très bien le retirer et amorcer une rupture. C'est cette voie qu'a choisie Beehaw, une instance de Lemmy. Et d'après certain utilisataires, cela a bel et bien un impact sur nos interactions.

On se cherche une identité et je crois qu'on fait une erreur : on aimerait que ce soit comme avant. Je sais pas si la comparaison avec nos ex, la reconstruction lors d'une rupture amoureuse est foireuse mais j'y vois un parallèle pertinent. Nous devrions oublier twitter, reddit, facebook et trouver notre propre ligne éditoriale sur, ou peut-être pas ?

Finalement, le plus important, est ce que vous plait ? :)


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You already knew that is a great replacement for and can be used with . You also already knew that kbin was a great replacement for . But did you know that kbin can filter by and ; making it a great replace for and ? Learn more at:

daredevil , (edited ) to kbinMeta in How are you using or hoping to use kbin? avatar

I intended to use primarily as a replacement for . Content and engagement can be a bit sparse sometimes, so I decided I would try to help by creating and moderating two magazines I have an interest in. Promoting engagement through thread discussions has actually proved more challenging than I thought. I've actually found more success engaging with the through .

I'm currently using microblogging as a means to document my Japanese studies. I've found some people I can practice with, along with a few that are supportive of my efforts. It's not the primary reason I'm doing so, but it is a nice form of positive reinforcement. Though I do wish I could get others to also participate, I do not believe that's something I can force. Honestly, I'm also pretty okay if people don't really participate because it's been a useful tool for myself and I might have the opportunity to aid those who simply wish to lurk. I also think there's more I could be doing to flesh out these magazines, but I'm okay with taking things steadily and I enjoy where they're at now.

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Reddit introduces Chucky Cheese Tokens, sorry Redditcoins, because of course they were going to do that.

michelin , to updates avatar

Now that both and have been short-sighted enough to burn through the goodwill of many users and communities, I wonder if it's time for distributions like @fedora and @centos - who were latecomers to the - to embrace ?

Let's see if I succeed in posting this to @linux as well - to see if Mastodon<->Lemmy interop works as well as it seems to do with another Lemmy community

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Looks like is becoming a true alternative to , with the same insufferable users in the comments.

Mounticat , to updates avatar

Just FYI: You can help promote the by cross-posting.

There's still a sizable userbase on and many Kbin/Fediverse users still use Reddit. That's fine. You can help in a small way by posting interesting content on both platforms, then mentioning "This post is also available on the Fediverse here:".

This will at the very least begin discussions about alternate platforms and I highly doubt Reddit can find any rule to fault you for doing so. This is also how Digg started leaking users to Reddit, so it works. Exposure is key. You may make a new user, or get a developer interested in contributing who wasn't aware of the Fediverse before, or didn't think it was significant.

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@antiquidons @histodons

Here is a photo of a woman replicating the Roman Strophium, inspired by the Greek Apodesme. It was folded from a single piece of fabric, as in the figure of Aphrodite above.

Image via , but no attribution was given.

Roundcat , to updates

Btw, this is me testing the limits of kbin's microblog feature, so the following post will be long. I will post a TLDR at the end.

It has been nearly a month since I've first joined . Even before the exodus, I was already growing tired of the site for the fact that despite how large the communities were, they were very cold and impersonal. There was also the fact that for the community at least, we had been siloed off from the rest of reddit, because nearly every topic involving issues were very often met with hostility by a good amount of users, often followed by a locked topic. It was even getting to the point where I didn't even feel safe in the some of the more socially liberal spaces.

The fact that mods were being stripped of some of the few tools they had to keep their communities hospitable, I knew the writing was on the wall. I tried many reddit alternatives during the blackout, including and . But once I figured out how , , and worked, I found myself feeling right at home on the fediverse.

I think the main reason why is because many of the people here are misfits from other platforms. Many of the users on mastodon are former twitter users who were driven off by the corporate culture of twitter, and later by Elon Musk and the poisoning of the platform. Others are former redditors like me who found platforms like lemmy, and are in the midst of trying to rebuild the community they once had on thier former platform.

Fediverse definitely doesn't feel "mainstream" like the sites that many of us come from , but perhaps that is part of the appeal, and why I have taken to it far quicker than any other social platform I have tried in the past. I'm just hoping as the fediverse continues to grow and attract new users, that it doesn't lose it's quirky and experimental spirit.

TLDR: I like fediverse. It's weird, quirky, and I feel more open here than I was ever able to be on reddit. Don't ever change.

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How social media can spread conspiracy theories and even spark violence: Conspiracy theory beliefs and (more generally) misinformation may be groundless, but they can have a range of harmful real-world consequences

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gak suka twitter netizen lari ke mastodon dan misskey, kalo gak suka reddit dan anda nyari alternative reddit di fediverse? ya ada,
bisa pakai Lemmy ->
atau kbin
aku sendiri suka kbin tapi sosmed ini masih baru kayaknya, masih beta dan jumlah instance nya masih sedikit, kalo lemmy jumlah instancenya lebih banyak.

schizanon , to updates

The trouble with is it's given all the obtuse if an onramp to the

profoundlynerdy , to updates avatar

Can someone explain to me? I get that it's a sort-of clone for the but that's about all I know. How is it better or different?

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Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (Unplugged Live)

An absolute classic cover and a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

Visit @alternativenation Lemmy's biggest alternative music community!


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Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
On lemmy:

One of my favorite songs of all time... sweet, beautiful, and memory invoking.

Visit @alternativenation on for all your favorite alternative music!


renwillis , to ai avatar

[For The Lulz & Discussion] A.I. used to make Johnny Cash sing "Barbie Girl"

Definitely fits under "alternative" lol. Where (if anywhere) does A.I. belong in music? Song drafts? Adding depth to your own work? Banned?

Visit @alternativenation on for all your favorite alternative music!


LizEllisPhD , to random avatar

So I finally deleted all my posts and my account and ditched Reddit. Now I need a new place.

Any suggestions?

esty , to RedditMigration in Reddit is ending Reddit Gold and users are furious avatar

what I take from this, though, is that even with the anger against Reddit, there’s no talk of leaving in the comments on that post!

you hate the site and all of their changes so much and it’s only been getting worse… why do you stay? even the content is already worse, and even worse on the subs that have the new Reddit tipping system… why stay?

m0bi13 , to random Polish avatar

Nie wiem, kiedy załoga @ftdl będzie miała wolny weekend.

Jak nie zarząd i intensywne prace nad, to i ogarnianie zwiększonego ruchu .
W końcu awaria macierzy raid 5 i kolejne nieprzespane noce :/

Przytul czasem swojego admina @piotrsikora, zasłużył :)

❤️ /hug

P.S. Mile widziane też ewentualne dostawy pizzy 🍕 i kawy ☕ 😉

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Metric - Just The Once
On Lemmy:

Metric is back, bb! Shake yer money maker, y'all.

@alternativenation for all your favorite alternative music!


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