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I bought some cheap highlighters yesterday for annotating purposes. I hope they do not bleed through the pages of the .


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, it is time to get back to the .


attribution: Rijksmuseum, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:,_RP-P-OB-55.341.jpg

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and the Brontes Issue #9 Why You Should Be Reading Jane Austen



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uh oh, more AI experiments where they’re not needed! - “For readers, Hypnovels represents a new way to experience books aimed at making reading interesting for the ficklest audiences.” 🙃 @bookstodon

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Brief review of "Human Mourning" by José Revueltas

Winner of Mexico's National Prize for Literature (1943) and based loosely on Revueltas's time in Anáhuac, Nuevo León, where he was sent by the Mexican Communist Party to organize a strike among irrigation system workers (and for which he was sentenced to ten months of forced labor on the Islas Marías penal colony), this text is flawed but incredible. Stirring contemplations on the meaning of death, life, faith, revolution, and Mexico. The prose is immensely powerful, line after line took my breath away. I wish I didn't get this book from the library, I'd have underlined much of it.

While at times the narration is choppy, incomplete, and shifting, part of the reward is the challenge of reading it. On occasion appalling, violent, and crude, other moments are sublime and beautiful. If you're able to get your hands on a copy, I highly recommend it.


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300 Years of Immanuel Kant: A Collector’s Guide

"While Kant may be most renowned for his work in philosophy, his books reveal contributions in areas as diverse as physics, geopolitics, and theology. The remarkable scope of his achievements should secure him a place in collections of science, politics, and religion, as well as philosophy."


attribution: Rijksmuseum, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:,_RP-P-2015-26-1764.jpg

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    Questions over Shakespeare’s authorship began in his lifetime, scholar claims

    "New research suggests some 16th-century writers were confident Shakespeare was the pseudonym of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford"

    @bookstodon @literature

    : Martin Droeshout, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:

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    I've finished Arthur C. Clarke's Space Trilogy, a series composed of three republished early works of the author.

    @bookstodon @scifi

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    Book 27, 2024: Your Love is Not Good by Johanna Hedva. Best book I’ve read this year, this incendiary novel follows an artist who becomes obsessed with a model, builds a career, fucks up their career, reflects on trauma, whiteness, Berlin, kink, dogs… So good.


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    Sure, we've all had to pay a late fine for an overdue library book, but one Colorado reader took things to extremes. The Poudre River Public Library (formerly the Fort Collins Public Library and Free Reading Room) just received a return that was 105 years late. A reader took out "Ivanhoe" by Sir Walter Scott on Feb. 13, 1919, at which time the fine was two cents per day. Adjusted for inflation, the fine would now be around $14,000, but luckily for the unknown borrower, the library stopped enforcing fines in Nov. 2020. Here's more from Smithsonian, including details on the world's most overdue library book.


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    For I warmly recommend @susankayequinn AND her .
    I appreciate the author's posts very much. And she writes , , and . I had not really an idea what is hidden behind these labels. I've been tiptoeing around the genres for months, worried that it might be too pedagogical, not literary enough.
    Then I discovered her . Now I'm hooked. Try it, you won't regret it! I want more now. 😊 @reading

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    I'm trying an experiment: I started a facebook page where I'm posting all my thoughts in short form.

    Each post will also have a link to my Goodreads writeup if for those who want more details.

    I'm slowly adding my 2024 audiobooks to the page. Take a look if you want. The page will be updated regularly.

    @audiobooks @bookstodon

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    Real quick poll. I always wonder this when I edit manuscripts with clever chapter titles. As a reader, do you pay attention to chapter titles?


    AimeeHill OP , avatar

    @writingcommunity the general consensus is that yes, readers do pay attention to chapter titles when they are used. So I will continue editing with titles in mind as the framing for the chapter! Thank you! Writers, you might find some of the answers useful too. It's worth noting that someone I asked in person said they don't pay attention to them in audio format.

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    What do you do when a hero comes right at you? Liam Hogan goes a few rounds in Backstory.

    Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Hogan explain why he doesn't believe in heroes at


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    I’m a sucker for historical fantasy so A Radical Act of Free Magic by NZ author H.G. Parry is right up my alley. The second book in a duology which began with A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians it centres on Williams Wilberforce & Pitt & the history of the British governments failures to ban the slave trade but with a hefty dose of vampires & krakens thrown in to the mix. Thoroughly enjoyed it & the depiction of the men’s friendship was beautiful @bookstodon

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    Does your laptop have a mind of its own? Robert Neuwirth shares a file that booted up on his screen and wrote itself to the hard drive in The Disambiguation.

    Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Neuwirth explain why he filled it with computer code at


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    Newest Book Ive started is Colm Tóibín’s Fictionalised Biography of Thomas Mann – an intriguing genre which he appears to have taken a great liking to @bookstodon

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    Plain Reading is up with another episode! Join us for a great conversation with and scholar Dirk von der Horst. We're talking , committed communities, and more—plus, lots of links in the notes to oh-so-many versions of and space Aniara!

    @PodcastsLive @bookstodon

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    Ariana fills the emptiness with baking, but will this hobby prove healthy? Ariel Marken Jack follows the trail of crumbs in The Bread Boy.

    Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Marken Jack explain why we're all overwhelmed by the 21st century at

    books @bookstodon

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    "An interview with Prof. Marcus du Sautoy about his book Around the Wold in Eighty Games . . . .a Mathematician Unlocks the Secrets of the World's Greatest Games."


    attribution: Orion 8, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:

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    Book 26, 2024: 561 by Katherine Heiny

    Turns out this was a short story, and not the novel I took it for when I opened ed it on my phone’s Kindle app. No matter, it’s funny, as you’d expect from the American writer, and deals with a woman helping her husband help his ex-wife move house. Enjoyable. @bookstodon

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    A moment of inspiration in a café sparks a memory in Karóly Bálint's Metaphor by @SmythBooks
    Catch this exclusive short story and listen to Smyth talking about otherness and reading from his short story at


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