Belganon , to Proton avatar

L’offre gratuite de comprend maintenant 5Gb de stockage dans le . Tout en gardant 1Gb dans . Et toujours le , le calendrier et le gestionnaire de mot de passe. Ce sont les utilisateurs payants qui financent l’offre gratuite. Perso, je suis «Unlimited» depuis plus de deux ans, que du bonheur.


buru5 , to Random avatar

i'm astounded by how far on has come since the last time i seriously used linux, which was probably ... 2010?

not only are older games and several newer games now natively packaged for linux, play + works for so much that dual-booting is so far from my mind.

i could see still being necessary for brand-new 'triple-a' stuff, unfortunately; but let's hope that's not the case for much longer.

Phil35 , to Proton French avatar

@protonmail @protonprivacy
Je viens de recevoir un courriel de Proton indiquant :
"Nous avons lancé la fonctionnalité de sauvegarde des photos pour l'application Android de Proton Drive. "
Super !
Est ce prévu sur IOS et si oui à quelle échéance ?

NiemPseu , to Random Dutch avatar

A lot of @protonvpn numbers are by big shops like .com It's getting more and more .


suzi_1960 , avatar

Ik heb ook dit probleem, maar weet niet of dat @protonmail gerelateerd is... maar baal enorm ,ik heb bepaalde rekeningen bij Gmail verwijderd omdat ik ze ook in proton heb staan.. maar kan deze dus niet meer openen...
@protonvpn @protonprivacy

vintprox , to Random avatar

Anyone got running on ?

I tried both from Fedora Flatpaks and Flathub, one at a time. I planted game files in user directory, as suggested by some video guide. I made a shortcut to Undertale Yellow.exe and have run it. Task manager shows that and game executable are running, only to disappear in another second. Game never opens.

vintprox OP , avatar

Just solved it. Tried running through and it works like a charm. Took a bit of preparation: finding Non-Free - repo in Discovery and installing that particular Steam, then running Steam from terminal (because default shortcut does jack shit) and forcing compatibility tool on the non-Steam game.

vintprox OP , (edited ) avatar

So, alternatively, you can make and run on Linux with the help of open source launcher.

It creates a environment in the game's directory that actually helps run the game, unlike out-of-the-box system Wine installation. 🤔 No need for compatibility there.

ChallengeApathy , to Proton avatar

Got an email today informing me that @protonprivacy is offering me their new program as a subscriber when it's normally only available to their more expensive subscription plans...

These guys couldn't be any cooler! Thanks, !

null , to Games in EXCLUSIVE: Lenovo is working on a Windows PC gaming handheld called the 'Legion Go' avatar

@echoplex21 Why the hell would anyone want a Windows PC gaming handheld - Steam Deck through Proton is the future. Sure, innovate on hardware but building something for windows systems is just paying license fees for shitty experiences.

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