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I wrote a blog on the marketisation of universities. It's prompted by radical cuts at universities in the UK currently and reflecting back on blog posts I wrote between 2010-13 on the privatisation and marketisation of universities.

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This is the classic scam. Privatise an essential service. Load it with masses of debt, while investing the minimum it can get away with. Pay shareholders as much as it can get away with. When it collapses, walk away so the state has to pick up the pieces until it becomes viable again. Rinse and repeat.

Thames Water shareholders refuse to inject more cash into ‘uninvestable’ company | The Independent

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Here's a podcast on New Books Network where I talk about (surprise surprise) my new book, 'Visions of a Digital Nation', and why Margaret Thatcher's 1984 of British Telecom was a pivotal moment for both and .


Book download:

@histodons @sts

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Interesting article on the ongoing in German .

“While it has no issue with third-party funding per se, Transparency International does have a problem with the lack of . ‘We are critical of the fact that these financial flows are often not transparent at all ...’ said Bohlens. ... Only in a few federal states, such as Lower Saxony, must universities publish once a year the donations and sponsorships they have received.” @academicsunite

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3 - 3 - 3
So billionaires own US$3 trillion more than they did three years ago, their wealth has grown at three times the rate of inflation.
While five billion other people can’t afford what they could three years ago.

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