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We were invited to an exciting show in a venue near Kansai International Airport with 360° screens and sound. The was by former of the Revue (宝塚歌劇団), a renowned troupe where play all the roles in adapted from Western and Japanese , , movies, novels, and young women's comics.

1st photo: With family friends and staff who look a bit like anime or manga characters. My wife is second from the right.

2nd photo: The star came out from the stage and tapped me on the shoulder as she danced by.

3rd photo: Light show and .

4th photo: Finale with all the . They sang "We are the World" mostly in while audience members waved a sort of light saber.


The star touched me as she danced by.
Light show on the screens with music and dancing.
Finale with all the entertainers was "We are the World" sung mostly in Japanese.

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I am starting here is a thread about lives worth, queer and authority:

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"Many societies take pains to individuals with objects, tasks, and food, yet we repeatedly see that gender is not as important in the very young and the very old, and that gender is often most strongly marked when people are of reproductive age (Gilchrist, 2007)" @patriarchy

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“The repeated stylizations of the body—everyday acts and gestures—are themselves performatives, producing the gendered identity of which they are thought to be the expressions.”(Alberti, 2013, p. 95) @history @histodons

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Assistant Professor in Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA)

@ Oberlin College and Conservatory (Ohio)

TIMARA welcomes applicants specializing in a wide range of creative practices [that] may include [...] , , , interactive audiovisual media, immersive environments, experimental , , , interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative coding.


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Society can be understood as something that only exists as long as actions are performed, as long as processes take place, as long as we all contribute in some way to its ephemeral construction.

"Social organization is messy and refractory, a shambles rather than a crystal […]. There is no tidy atom and no clear-cut world, only complex striations and long strings that reptate as in a polymer goo" (White, H.C. (2008), Identity and control, Princeton, Princeton University Press, p. 18).


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The " and : Transforming a Medieval Saga Into a Contemporary Ballad and Dance Performance" will take place at Freie Universität Berlin
(EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities" ) on November 10/11, 2023.

🗓️Deadline for Registrations: November 7, 2023

📌Further Information + Program: @litstudies

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Post >> Testing, testing • What I found in recent evaluations of web browsers and the new Cloudflare Fonts service.

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The "Re-Imagining the Public Sphere: Stage, and Spectacle Around 1800" will be held at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn () on September 28/29, 2023.

📌Further Information: @litstudies @germanistik

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Less than a week to go until I arrive in Gothenburg for the last leg of this Swedish book tour. I’m at the Gothenburg Fringe Festivan on 7/8/9th Sept. more details here: come see me! Or tell your Gothenburg-based friends to come see me! Or give me a friendly boost. MWAH 💋 @bookstadon

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As a writer & performer who is also my own publisher & booking agent, I no longer apologise for self-promotion.
The next two The MthR Trilogy book tour events are at Stockholm Fringe Festival 30th & 31st Aug.
Click here for more details:
Please share with any Stockholm-based friends or just gimme a friendly boost ☺️

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“Mass discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow. The totalitarian mass leaders based their propaganda on the correct psychological assumption that, under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in ; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.”
― Hannah Arendt, "The Origins of Totalitarianism"

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Make it true:
Hannah observed that men gaining in Germany did not lie because they believed what they were saying, or even because they expected YOU to believe it. They were lying to state out what had to become in order to justify what they intended to do.

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