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What's a ‘typical’ company policy on spending time to contribute back to ?
We tend to use a lot of components but rarely contribute back to them, and I'd like to propose changes to this mentality/workflow.

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Look, there is a Mastodon Wall at the !

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@madmas It's a new developed project with and of course, it's ! We do and right now at the space here at JavaLand! Find the project at :

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@madmas It's a new developed project with and of course, it's ! We do and right now at the space here at ! Find the project at :

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It is a miracle that the guy is even married 😂 here is advice for you, keep tech discussion limited for dev bros. You will be happy. The wife will be happy.

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    Question! Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor? And what happens to citizens' data? A solution is to move to free and open source software like and – which is exactly what Schleswig-Holstein is doing:

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    Is your open-source browser famous enough to have fans cosplaying it?

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    The team at Ghent can't wait to greet you next month! Have you sorted out your plans yet?

    🎟️ Secure your spot:

    🗓️ Explore the schedule:

    🏫 Check out the venue details:

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    Thats my plan. Installing and install the and Plugin for Kodi. And watching TV after that.

    The depressing point is:
    I need a VPN app like to block apps which violating my privacy.
    I need Kodi and Software to have a seamless integration of two Services in one app.

    But one thing is cool. The Rest API of Kodi will allow to steer the TV.
    I currently use the on a raspi as an Alarmclock in the morning start online radio.

    If everything works there is a plan for may use it with as gamestation.
    In the near future I will also create a Videophone for my grandma with libre from .

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    Sometimes an @outreachy applicant will make a contribution in a Merge Request that I cannot take, but I want to use it somewhere else in a different context.

    One of the things I love about is that it makes it easy for me to make sure credit is appropriately assigned. I am creating patch files, rebasing and squashing commits, but I can always preserve the original author's name and git platform account in the commit log.

    It is subtle, but I think it is important.

    lisamelton , to Random avatar

    March 31 was already significant to me because that's the day in 1998 when I helped Navigator become .

    Now this day has a whole new meaning for me as a woman. And it's my first that I celebrate publicly since coming out to everyone on June 21 of last year.

    To all my siblings, I see you. Even if complete visibility isn't possible for you right now. You still matter. You're still loved. And you're still trans. Never doubt that. 🏳️‍⚧️🫂💖

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    After Linux XZ Tarball's backdoor discovery, Debian's devs decided to pause the 12.6 release for an in-depth analysis of CVE effects.

    fedora , to Random avatar

    Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!

    We want to send a big thank you to all trans people who contribute to the Fedora Project and open source in general! :fedora: :flag_trans:

    schizanon , to Random avatar

    As far as I'm concerned, Redis has been renamed to Valkey, while Redis Ltd. has created a non-free fork and confusingly named it "Redis".

    mebitek , to Random Italian avatar

    this is my

    I'm and , enthusiast, addicted,

    love the and I'm all I need in my virtual life. cultist running distros

    actaully I'm the manteiner of the custom

    I'm also still fighting for the of my people on my land

    here my

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    jwf OP , avatar

    Also, it is interesting to observe the strong reaction by so many to this exploitation of the supply chain. Of course, it shows a weakness in the model of trust for maintainership. There are big questions to answer. What if this had not been stopped as early as it was? What if it breached ?

    Yet at the same time, the most practical way this could have been discovered is the way. Someone was literally testing a database and said "huh this is odd."

    fedora , to Random avatar

    🚨 ⚠️ Emergency PSA: A critical security exploit was discovered in the xz package recently, used for compression and decompression on nearly all Linux distributions.

    Rawhide users ARE impacted and should immediately STOP using Rawhide until the package update is fully rolled back. (1/3)

    Security Advisory:

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    2e atelier de l'après-midi (auquel j'assiste, parce qu'il y en a plein d'autres, en parallèle) : Lancer un « Appel à Communs » dans l’éducation, animé par @framaka
    Un 1er « appel à communs » sera lancé dans l’éducation en 2025.
    Son objectif sera d’accompagner, soutenir et aider à passer à l’échelle les projets de la Forge (du numérique éducatif) sélectionnés pour leur haut potentiel et leur fort impact afin de proposer des services numériques de qualité.

    imarfisi , avatar

    @alainmi11 @framaka
    Excellente nouvelle cet dans l' 👏🎉📢
    ☑️ Une bonne façon de pérenniser les logitiels développés dans le cadre de projets de qui ont donné de bon résultats.
    ⏩ Je comte déposer une demande pour et , tout deux des outils conçus pour et avec les enseignants au laboratoire
    @LeLibreEdu @framaka

    vintprox , (edited ) to Random avatar

    Oooh, has the node graph functionality, which allows you to compose vector objects from the primitives like fill, stroke, transform and live filters in a visual manner!

    Node graph interface and filters both give me this nice break-out I needed after LPEs in . Don't get me wrong: that program is THE legend, developers are masters of vectors, and it's purely native Gtk toolkit on which application is built. Right now, their priority is CMYK support, so follow if you're into printing.

    I just love to experiment with shiny new software that's , especially one that uses and to its advantage.

    Watch 'em apply circular repeat filter on a mere line to produce this fun sparkle effect. (It is Graphite's official channel, by the way. Wish they were on Mastodon?)

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    The session selections at Ghent have been made. If you submitted a session, be sure to check your inbox! 📥
    Remember to also take a look in your Spam folder for any notifications. 📁

    📆 Checkout the schedule at


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    Our smartphones, operating systems and apps are dominated by Google & Apple. "[...] these two Silicon Valley profit-driven companies decide which apps are or aren't allowed, and moderate what our mobile software looks like." says @danlammerhirt from @waag working on the Mobifree project (together with a.o. @efoundation @fdroid @nlnetlabs @murena @microg @delta

    nlnetlabs , avatar

    @waag @danlammerhirt @efoundation @fdroid @murena @microg @delta We are NLnet Labs; we develop software for Core Internet Infrastructure. We presume you meant to mention the NLnet Foundation - @NGIZero (don't worry, it happens a lot).

    jwf , to Random avatar

    Hands-down one of my favorite things about is the incredible, odd, wacky, and unusual backgrounds that people have before they entered the world. (Or, unusual in the sense that the backgrounds are very much non-tech.)

    Baristas, toy store managers, flight attendants, and so much more that I have seen.

    This makes the fabric of our movement more intersectional, and I don't know if we celebrate that aspect of FOSS enough.

    msw , to Random avatar

    How it started: "This change has zero effect on the Redis core license, which is and will always be licensed under the 3-Clause-BSD."

    How it's going: "Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Starting with Redis 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1)."

    msw OP , avatar

    "Today, the Linux Foundation announced its intent to form Valkey, an open source alternative to the Redis in-memory, NoSQL data store.
    At the Linux Foundation, Valkey will follow an open governance model, remaining community-driven and welcoming of all users and contributors."

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