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Fediverse! I’ve been building a bridge to Bluesky, and they’re turning on federation soon, which means my bridge will be available soon too. You’ll be able to follow people on Bluesky from here in the fediverse, and vice versa.

Bluesky is a broad network with lots of worthwhile people and conversations! I hope you’ll give it a chance. Only fully public content is bridged, not followers-only or otherwise private posts or profiles. Still, if you want to opt out, I understand. Feel free to DM me at @snarfed (different account than this one), email me, file a GitHub issue, or put #nobridge in your profile bio.

A number of us have thought about this for a while now, we’re committed to making it work well for everyone, and we’re very open to feedback. Thanks for listening. Feel free to share broadly.

retiolus , avatar @activitypubblueskybridge @fedidevs @fediversenews i like the in the account description, but I think you also should respect the . I don't want to finish with 3000000 hashtags in my description

JC , to Memes in we like privacy respect on the fediverse

The suggestion from a user in the linked post to put in the user profile is good though. It gives a way out for some folks. I personally don't mind, but if someone does, put this in your description. It could become a standard on lemmy/kbin.

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