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iVentoy is an enhanced version of the server, that includes BIOS and UEFI bootfile support.

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Fediverse! I’ve been building a bridge to Bluesky, and they’re turning on federation soon, which means my bridge will be available soon too. You’ll be able to follow people on Bluesky from here in the fediverse, and vice versa.

Bluesky is a broad network with lots of worthwhile people and conversations! I hope you’ll give it a chance. Only fully public content is bridged, not followers-only or otherwise private posts or profiles. Still, if you want to opt out, I understand. Feel free to DM me at @snarfed (different account than this one), email me, file a GitHub issue, or put #nobridge in your profile bio.

A number of us have thought about this for a while now, we’re committed to making it work well for everyone, and we’re very open to feedback. Thanks for listening. Feel free to share broadly.

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Johannes, There isn't one - they're talking out of their ass.

They're just making noise and emotionally distressed to discover that this is how the currently works, and always has worked - and it's not just the portions of the Fediverse, or even the Fediverse - it's the entire ...

"If you affect a public post, you have no expectation of privacy".

For those who still feel some sense of having been offended, I welcome them to unplug their computers and toss their iPhones and Androids into the trash. That's really their only option, and they'll come to that realization some day, maybe, and it is of no consequence for anyone else in the world if they don't.



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Science FTW

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A bit ironic given this is disseminated over the Internet...

The Internet would be far better if giant corporations didn't control platforms & endlessly surveille & profile & do so very unequally--to me that largely is a capitalism, governance & regulatory failure--power & control of infrastructure.

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Ok IT finally came for our lab WiFi router and told us we have to shut it down, so question for any folks out there:

  1. how can they detect that we are using a router, and
  2. how can we avoid that detection so we can keep having the Good Internet
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🗣 The call for papers for the congress is ongoing.

The online congress will focus on the practice of commoning throughout history with the primary objective to present innovative research informed by critical interculturality.

ℹ️ https://ihc.fcsh.unl.pt/en/events/commoning-2024/


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Federated wireguard network idea
Any feedback welcome.

Let's keep things stupidly simple and simply hash the domain name to get a unique IPv6 ULA prefix.

Then we would need a stupidly simple backend application to automatically fetch pubkeys and endpoints from DNS and make a request to add each others as peers.

Et voilà, you got a worldwide federated wireguard network resolving private ULA addresses. Sort of an internet on top of the internet .

The DNS entries with the public IPv4 / IPv6 addresses could even be delegated to other domains / endpoints which would act as reverse proxy (either routing or nesting tunnels) for further privacy.

Maybe my approach is too naïve and there are flaws I haven't considered, so don't be afraid to comment.

Exact use cases? Idk, but it sounds nifty.

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CBI Image of the Day!

CBI Image of the Day: A West Germany radio telescope at Effelsberg, measuring at 300 ft across, was built in the 1970s to monitor telemetry from Germany’s first deep space probe satellite, Helios. Data collected was decoded by a dual-processor minicomputer system from Interdata.


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