FlorisBoard | FOSS keyboard that respects your privacy ( florisboard.org )

I came across everyday topic on Techlore Discussions about free and open source keyboards for Android and discovered this little gem. It is FlorisBoard, a virtual keyboard for Android which respects privacy of the user. I can sigh with relief and finish my search for that singular keyboard for typing stuff on the go....

reiver , to Random
@reiver@mastodon.social avatar

There is a fork of Mastodon that has a bunch of features I know many people wish Mastodon had:


• longer posts,
• more poll choices,
• favicon update from web console,
• markdown support,


I wonder if it is a soft-fork or a hard-fork. I.e., are they still pulling in all the latest Mastodon code.

melroy , (edited )
@melroy@mastodon.melroy.org avatar

@troed @reiver @weex well there is an Api. See for example the swagger docs https://kbin.melroy.org/api/docs (despite the kbin name, it's running the mbin fork). I know that there is a developer group busy creating a native app called Artemis: https://matrix.to/#/!PlRffZGQcNJciuVviM:matrix.org?via=melroy.org&via=matrix.org&via=plus.st

Hopefully this will work soon.

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