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The Series of the Research group at continues on Wednesday, 28.Feb, 6pm

Magdalena Kmak (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

Mobile Law: Law, Migration and Human Mobility

Abstract, details and zoom link here:


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Frisch veröffentlicht! (jetzt vorbestellen, Auslieferung ab dem 6.3.)
"Die Grenzen des Zusammenhalts" (Campus)
Herzlichen Dank für die wirklich gute Zusammenarbeit an alle Autor:innen, Axel Salheiser, Maria Alexopoulou, Alex Yendell, das FGZ @fgz_risc und Sarah Lempp.

@sociology @anthropology

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🇩🇰 "While the two major shifts in Danish Mesolithic and Neolithic material culture may have had different drivers and causes, the outcomes were ultimately the same: new people arrived and rapidly took over the territory. With this arrival, the local landscape was modified to fit the lifestyle and culture of the immigrants. This is the hallmark of the Anthropocene, observed here in high resolution in prehistoric Denmark."

Allentoft, M.E., Sikora, M., Fischer, A. et al. 100 ancient genomes show repeated population turnovers in Neolithic Denmark. Nature 625, 329–337 (2024). @science @archaeodons

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A "right to livable space" should guide climate policymaking, argues Simona Capisani from Durham University
at . Going beyond displacement, the framework tackles ethical and normative questions arising from the complexity of

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I am delighted to announce that here at iBe Social we have migrated to ​:sharkey:​

Sharkey is a fabulous variation of Misskey, with some great little extras. I hope everyone will enjoy using it as much as we have during our testing phase. We had setup a test server to let our users play around with it to decide if it was what they wanted.

served us well, but it was time to move on to new and exciting things in Sharkey.

Massive kudos to @Amelia who did all the work on the migration. She took an unbelievably impressive 26 minutes to do the migration; I hardly had time to check my honey stocks!

Proud to be part of Sharkey, and open for visitors.

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🌎 How does the IPCC AR6 views , and ? Learn more form the lead author of the chapter on , and sustainable David Wrathall from Oregon State University on texts and subtexts of the report: 📽️

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The next video is online. This time a very interesting talk by Lucy Szaboova from University of Exeter on whether can be successful . She evaluates migration scenarios based on well-being, equity & sustainability criteria. Explore more in this concise 9 min video 🎞️

@climatemobilities @migrationresearch @geography

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"This article studies how northern European migrants adapted their collective strategies to Seville’s institutional framework in the last third of the sixteenth century and how these strategies shaped the emergence of the so-called Flemish and German nation."

Jiménez Montes, G. (2022) “The Flemish and German Nation of Seville: Collective Strategies and Institutional Development of the Northern European Merchant Community in Seville, Spain (1568-1598)”, TSEG - The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History, 19(1), pp. 37–60. doi: @histodon @histodons @historyofeconomics @earlymodern

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It is time to submit your abstracts for the conference! The deadline is Feb 9th, so 10 days left. Join the environmental conference July 9-12 in Liège to connect across disciplines & career stages. Submit you abstract here: 👉

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The Elizabeth Wood Research in

@ University of (Austrailia)

"[...] the proposed research outlined in the application enhances one or more of the following themes:


Deadline: 16/02/2024

CC @academicjobs @musicology

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📽️ Thirsting for Solutions: The Impact of Water Scarcity on

@climatemobilities @migrationresearch @geography

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🌍 New research from Université de Namur shared at explores implications of dwindling water resources for population distribution and patterns in . 📽 You can watch the research talk by Corentin Visée here:

@migrationresearch @climatemobilities @geography

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H-Migration is looking for new members in our editorial team.

If you are interested in studies and in working on keeping @HNet_Humanities running just DM me or send me an email.

@migrationresearch @migration @histodons

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How to migrate to different instance in Pixelfed? I made a new account with alias for old one. and I can't find next steps anywhere.

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How do environmental stressors influence migration?
"It's complicated," according to new research from Shuai Zhou & Guangqing Chi.
Read now:

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🌏 Exciting News! Our latest paper, "Translocal Social Resilience Dimensions of Migration as Adaptation to Environmental Change," is now published in @PNASNews

🔗 Read the full paper here:

👏 Thanks to our incredible team: Patrick Sakdapolrak, @hasterly, MarionBorderon, Sopon Naruchaikusol, @kaylyober, Luise Porst &Till Rockenbauch
@climatemobilities @geography @migrationresearch

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I am looking for calls this upcoming summer in

I will be grateful for suggestions in broadly defined


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✨ 2-year salaried position available @digigeolab

Are you interested in human , , , regional and urban geography? How about and/or ? Come work with me and Olle Järv!

The DL is on the 8th of January!



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For those working on and in East Africa here is an interesting research talk by Nicodemus Nyandiko from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology on Incorporating Climate Mobility into frameworks in the IGAD Region (Horn of Africa)

@migrationresearch @climatemobilities @geography

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belegt in der deutschen Asylstatistik Platz sechs unter den wichtigsten Herkunftsländern. Nun hat Deutschland ein Abkommen mit der Kaukasusrepublik ausgehandelt, das »Rückführungen« dorthin weiter erleichtert.

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We had some crazy weather in Boston today (ominous pic of the crows is from last week), but at least I had some talks for my to keep me company while helping my neighbor clear a downed tree from their driveway! (1/9)

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Next was an interesting talk by Giacomo De Giorgi on the relationship between farming, non-farming enterprises, migration, and rainfall in incomplete markets at the (3/9)

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