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@melroy just saw and I thought it was mildly funny that it still says kbin instead of 😄

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TIL the phrase "cookie licking" from !

What it boils down to is having assigned yourself an ownership of the task way forward, resulting in a figurative cookie being licked. Of course, now nobody wants to touch this task/cookie with a 10 m foot pole, because any more collaboration from other parties is essentially obstructed.

I am guilty of trapping myself in a few such situations: job, making and stopping on 90% for a new logo for , etc. I wanna learn from these mistakes and give as less cues of ownership as possible. There really isn't much to do to be excellent to each other, unlike to be some hotshot contributor. But as sayings go: the genius is in simple, and one should find beauty in simple.

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Come say hi at the Mastodon stand in ! We are in the basement of Building H
I will be there all afternoon, with some nice Elephant-themed merch! Mugs will probably be out of stock in the next hour, dont wait if you want one 👀

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@renchap I got my muck! Nice talk with @Gargron @andypiper about activitypub and integration with other protocols and software like and ap groups.

Looking forward to collab in the near future.

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Ok now I’m a little sad. I just recently found the Artifact app, and now it’s shutting down. What app do you all use to read various types of news on all kinds of topics?

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@melroy @LaGrange Ah yes, you are correct! !!!!

Mbin is a fork of kbin: a decentralized content aggregator running on the Fediverse network ( )

Mbin is a decentralized content aggregator, voting, discussion and microblogging platform running on the fediverse network. It can communicate with many other ActivityPub services, including Kbin, Mastodon, Lemmy, Pleroma, Peertube. It is an open source alternative to other link aggregator services like Reddit. The initiative...

MHLoppy , to Fedia Discussions in Seeing lots of posts from centralized instances (e.g. avatar

Given this is a software-the-instance-is-running request rather than an instance request as such, you might be better off posting on the (centralized 😅) mbin repo or perhaps asking about it on the mbin Matrix if they accept that kind of thing there.

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@melroy (not serious, in case it wasn't obvious): should your kbin entry read mbin now? 😄

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@paarth thanks! Just created release V1.0.0. Our first mbin release! But of course many more to come.

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deserves a set of more performant and native applications than being attributed to a page in 's playbook. Stay with me: are we really just going to blindly accept flaws of this messenger and promote it at the same time?

The fact that it only has got to the head of Discord it's long overdue to verify this popular distribution, I think, is worth a comment on itself, but I'll digress. It is nice that enthusiasts made arrangements for this verification and I have zero disagreements with the result. I'm just stupified that, in all this effort, Discord is treated like some spoon-fed royal baby - at least, according to reactions I see.

So, what was it... Flathub already had a library of nice actively developed before these news. I don't see the point in exaggerating the scales on some centralized chat thingabob with well-known and problems, that's all. Thank you for visiting my talk! ❤

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Mbin is alive and kicking! A community-focused fork of Kbin, which has tons of improvements, features and bug fixes. Mbin is a federated content aggregator, voting, discussion and microblogging platform.

Feel free to host your own instance on the fediverse! If you are already running Kbin; migrating is straightforward towards Mbin and experience the benefits yourself.

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@Gray Thanks! I couldn't do this without our great community of Mbin. Feel free to join the community if you wish on Matrix:

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@kreynen We try indeed to keep the issue list as short as possible atm. We are aware of many bugs and improvement proposals, including the one you mentioned. Kbin has like 480+ issues, which isn't helpful at all for the community. At this stage of development PRs are more helpful if you can imagine.

That all being said, feel free to discuss this in the matrix community rooms: We can discuss it there, we could even start a poll for it.

Mbin is born - Fork of kbin!!

In the past months development of Kbin slowly came to a halt, development was bottlenecked by a single maintainer. I have tried several times to start a discussion about the way of working and trying to address the problems and to come up with a plan to keep development doing and more importantly keep contributors happy!...

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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    @Jerry @jerry @jerry thank you! We will soon release v1.5.0 which might be a good opportunity to hop in.

    Feel free to join us on matrix also for technical support:

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    great questions! i think the good thing (or maybe bad, depends on who you ask i suppose...) is there isn't one person or owner of mbin. as of today, there are 10 owners/members of the project with merge privileges on the repo; however, we each need to get approval from at least 1 other project owner to "merge it" into the "main" branch.

    github and the associated mbin matrix rooms are where most of the discussion about features and direction takes place among contributors, but i will try to make it a point to keep everyone here informed when a major change take place. right now we're trying to catch-up on the backlog of pull requests and enhancements that have been stagnating for months over in the kbin repo. @melroy is also pretty good about keeping the masses up-to-date on recent events if you want to follow him as well.

    finally, one way to look at mbin is viewing it as a superset of kbin, that is, unless the kbin codebase changes dramatically or some other crazy thing happens like a change in license (which wouldn't be a good thing for kbin), it should be relatively easy to port over upstream changes from kbin that we want to see in mbin. my sneaking suspicion is that mbin will quickly surpass kbin in every way since we don't have a massive money pit like holding us back, the focus is purely on the development of the code base and listening to community feedback/inputs. :-)

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    There is a fork of Mastodon that has a bunch of features I know many people wish Mastodon had:


    • longer posts,
    • more poll choices,
    • favicon update from web console,
    • markdown support,


    I wonder if it is a soft-fork or a hard-fork. I.e., are they still pulling in all the latest Mastodon code.

    melroy , (edited ) avatar

    @troed @reiver @weex well there is an Api. See for example the swagger docs (despite the kbin name, it's running the mbin fork). I know that there is a developer group busy creating a native app called Artemis:!

    Hopefully this will work soon.

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    Custom CSS updates | dR Bulletin Board

    Whenever you visit , you will see slight changes in the header. I moved instance's home link to the right to prevent any accidental exits. And there is now a solid icon just in case.

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a reply.

    melroy Admin ,
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    vintprox OP Mod , (edited )
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    After some work by contributors of to introduce an indication of magazine in the top bar, I'm happy to say that it's more clear now WHERE on the site you happen to be. Happily, my little CSS trick has adapted to it quickly, but I made icon smaller to prevent it stealing space.

    Again, thanks to the Mbin contributors! There is a lot of work done already, and I feel confident with this fork of to improve one of the store fronts of Fediverse.

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    Threads? Posts? I'm confused... | Kbin

    Terms "thread" and "post" are often used interchangeably on and across the , but, as a reader, you still would like to have some guideline.

    Threads are a primary tool of presenting information on Kbin. Think of a thread as a magazine clipping: you cut it out and proudly place on your wall. All you see from afar is a title and some preview image (if any). As you skim over the magazine and click on one such clipping, the entire thread opens before you, now including comments.

    Posts are a secondary thing on Kbin. But don't let it fool you: before long, you'll have a microblog of things to share. Yes, posts are usually viewed in the context of Microblog, the section adjacent to Threads. One can call post a micro-thread, of sorts. Unlike your run-of-the-mill thread, a post can present text without any pretence. Reader scrolls through Microblog and they can see contents/replies right away. While lengthy discussions may be collapsed to 1-2 recent replies, it's made so to let other posts shine. As a reader, you don't have to change pages to expand the post.

    • Use Threads to present a pertinent material.
    • Use Microblog to share any updates, tips and little stories.
    vintprox OP Mod ,
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    I hope we can abolish this confusion and interchangeability for good with a fresh community fork of called .

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