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ok so is extremely cool, and I recommend that you try it out.

asbjorn OP , avatar

it's a chat app that bridges to a bunch of networks seamlessly.

they bridge to signal, discord, whatsapp, fb messenger, instagram, linkedin, telegram, slack, sms, google chat, and IRC

it's a client, so you just get a matrix user, which works on matrix too.

the bridges are all open source. they hired tulir, who does the mautrix bridge stuff a couple of years ago.

beeper has people working on the open-source matrix bridges full-time, so it helps self-hosters too.

vintprox , to Random avatar

While is mentioning among the supported chat networks, I don't see it on their "Main Chat App" page that appears after you save recovery code. I don't feel very secure trusting any of the other networks to act as sort of a entry gate, except maybe Signal.

What does picking main chat app even entail, I wonder? 🤔

vintprox OP , avatar

Nevermind, I'm reminded that uses its own server and it's basically engrained in the app that none of the outside Matrix accounts can be connected...

arbocenc , to Privacy in Automattic buys Beeper for $125MM, launches closed-source "privacy" app avatar

@EngineerGaming @xnx

What I don't understand, then, is why succeed where have sunk...

Goffi , to Privacy in Automattic buys Beeper for $125MM, launches closed-source "privacy" app avatar

@Samsy @arbocenc can run bridges (called "Transports" or "Gateways" in XMPP terms) since the early ages. And nowadays, there are modern ones with tight integrations: being a flagship (including a gateway), and I'm myself working on ActivityPub gateway and soon a email one with . is also working on SMTP gateway. And is the flagship gateway.

downey , to Random avatar

:matrix: TIL that the based unified chat utility, has been acquired by .

vintprox , avatar

@downey OK, I just checked year later, and at least included on home page this time, waitlist is gone. I'm not current enough with Beeper's development, so I have to assume it's related to acquirement by .

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I'm happy to announce today that I was elected as the newest outstanding new PI by a worldwide group of more than 2500 assistant professors. My interview can be found here


boud , avatar

@DenisMeuthen @academicchatter

Contrary to popular belief, = is not supported by the evidence.

Ethical alternatives to include the or . No need to centralise on a single server or depend on non-free software.

projektmyra , to bookstodon group German avatar

Ganz ganz viel neu bei mir - zum Ausgleich dafür dass ich dieses Jahr nicht auf der bin/war. (Und was man hier sieht ist noch nichtmal die Hälfte) - sozusagen. @buchstodon @bookstodon

projektmyra OP , avatar

@buchstodon noch viel mehr Graphic Novels neu bei mir: Von und über und - und dem Punisher von - bis zu Undead Victorian ... und viel . Mit Hat Tip an meinen Lieblings GameStudies Kumpel von der IU.

erlend , to Random avatar

Like any other major network incumbent, Discord cannot simply be side-stepped altogether; appropriate off-ramps are required.

bridging enables an incremental, non-disruptive transition from the old to the new.

We invite anyone interested in the development of to join our newly opened space:

The first half of our product rollout starts next month, as we begin publicly testing our uniquely community-oriented Matrix client.

ingo , to Random German avatar

Nextcloud Talk soll föderiert werden. Hat @Karlitschek gerade gesagt. Ich wollte ja eigentlich mehr pushen, aber vielleicht setzen wir jetzt doch mehr auf Talk.

smileyhead , to Open Source in Please don't use Discord for FOSS projects

Matrix was built by Israeli intelligence

It get some resources from them at the start, but they do not fund it for a long time.

consumes so many resources that it’s not feasible to self-host on most budgets

When you join large rooms like, it consumes a lot of space. But otherwise it is not that heavy. I hope they fix this, as this can be fixed with better resource planning, the biggest tables on the database are those like state_groups_state that does not hold bare information and just group information together for quick search. (I hosted a server and MatrixHQ room took 100GB..., 95% of the database).

As such it’s highly centralized

Looking at server list it seems very healthy. Also (opinion alert) I think having thousands of public server running by a randoms like there is for big chunk of Fediverse will not be as healthy as dozens of well funded community servers.

the community is still largely being ran by as the keeper of the implementation server

Synapse is not the reference server, there is no one official implementation for a purpose. And old news, it is now hosted by Element under AGPL.

CleoMenezesJr , to Random avatar

Discord is a cancer, bruh.

Someone asked a question on Discussions and someone else closed the discussion saying "(...) Questions can be asked through Discord 👍🏻".

For the love of god, stop using as a forum. The questions are undiscoverable.

vintprox , (edited ) avatar

Unfortunately, , a real-time game development platform based on that strives for a full backwards convertability of assets and byproducts, potentially dashing Roblox competitor and developers of which contribute back to upstream, doesn't have an official room on and resorts to . It is rather weird for a product that wants you to own your data. Well, not conversation media, apparently.

A part of me wants to believe it's simply a desire for the network effect at early stages (product is in alpha) and that involved parties have weighed the trade-offs. Lack of communication on this department in their blog plants a seed of doubt in me, though. And it's a shame, really, because I genuinely want this thing grow. Why won't it allow itself to be loved, by reaching its hand to at least one forum or chat solution?

@dushman @CleoMenezesJr @hor32 @godotengine

vintprox , avatar

Uhm, in case anyone is struck by a surprise, yes... was proprietary, but made a move just recently to open-source all parts.

Anyway, what's with these projects trying to "blend in" and picking the worst indexable names? Should I even mention that Roblox community has made a mod called "The Mirror" 3+ years prior... And then there is some mass media called "The Mirror". And horror movie, if I recall correctly? Not in the hundred years anyone familiar with these would expect a frigging real-time game development platform! Just the most bland name: two generic words, one being "the" article. 😐

I have even lesser gripe with for doing this to search engines, come on.

hankuoffroad , to Random avatar

Fedora Docs monthly workshop today presented by Justin Flory @jwf , Fedora Community Architect, provided us wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience on Documentation.

Thanks all for joining. I'll upload recorded footage by 2 March on PeerTube channel.

See you next month on the last Thursday of March. I will share the link soon here in Mastodon.


vintprox , to Random avatar

Today in : Searching rooms from multiple places, just like with or .

Detailed instructions can be found in the alt text. In short, for and Web/Desktop user:
0. Open search in Element (Ctrl+K)

  1. In the "Show" dropdown menu, press "Add new server...". Type and proceed.
  2. Pick newly added rooms directory.

More on how to make this work in mobile apps, let all users of your instance benefit from this rooms directory or set this up as a search engine on your very own :

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  • josh , to Random avatar

    Wading deeper into now that I'm more comfortable with my self-hosted setup.

    Fun factlet: the Office of the Foundation room has ~211 users across ~117 different homeservers! I doubt that's representative across the whole open federation, but still I find it encouraging to see that level of decentralization.

    matrix , to Random avatar

    We are positively overwhelmed with the outpouring of support 🚀

    People are responding to our call for help! We've also had a number of smaller organizations show up and begin the process of becoming supporting members.

    This is encouraging progress, though we still have a lot of work to do to hit our fundraising goals.

    Join us in securing the future of open, private, decentralized communications with Matrix:

    thibaultamartin , to Random avatar

    Didn't get a chance to go to @fosdem this year, or missed any of the @matrix talks for whatever reason?

    We got you covered! Here is a YouTube Playlist with all of the Matrix talks @ FOSDEM 2024

    ⬇️ All the videos details below ⬇️

    d4nyl0 , to Random Italian avatar

    "5 years from now everyone will communicate via Matrix"


    matrix , to Random avatar

    Today we launch a new fundraiser, talk about the scope of the Foundation's work, and begin to unpack our emerging roadmap for the future 🚀

    There is a lot going on and we need your help to keep it going!

    itsfoss , to Random avatar

    Which one do you use? Comment below 👇

    josh , to Random avatar

    TIL about another community on Slack who is now being asked to pay thousands to preserve basic functionality 😬

    Proprietary tools that offer a lot for free, without fail, will squeeze you. And unfortunately, because of their nature, a lot gets left behind when you inevitably migrate.

    When we select tools for our communities, we need to think over longer time horizons.

    FOSS options like Matrix for chat and Discourse for forums are the better bet.

    BakaDalek , to Random avatar

    Bro found his favorite feature on Guilded 💀💀💀💀💀 @BorknBandage

    cragsand , avatar

    @BakaDalek @BorknBandage
    I tested a bit but gotta say I prefer over it. Though both still being centralized and being a stickler for federation and open source I'd rather like to see more features added into . :BlobHajMlem:

    vintprox , (edited ) to dR Bulletin Board avatar

    It is uncanny how for is more streamlined than on all platforms: web, desktop ones, Android. Such a nice fork!

    It's got no issue with editing replies on mobile. SchildiChat is packed with quality-of-life features, such as bubbles, opening to first unread message and sending read receipts as you scroll down, sliding between spaces, custom room emojis (upload via and use in SC!). Labs are immediately available, pinned messages are on by default.

    You usually had to compromise by using less stable to get hands on Labs, but that's not the spirit of development I was looking for in my day-to-day messaging app, so I'm glad Schildi's got it right.

    If that's not convincing enough, their mascot is a turtle with a post horn. 🐢📯

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