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New research shows that the number of years men spend married has dropped sharply—especially among those without a bachelor’s degree.

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Ethnic intermarriage increased in early 20thC Hawaii as ethnic sex imbalances influenced marital decisions & hhold composition, according to analysis by Sumner La Croix & coauthors in a new Asia-Pacific Economic History Review paper (@APEHR)
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Love and Marriage in the Age of Jane Austen by Rory Muir

Rory Muir uncovers the excitements and disappointments of courtship and the pains and pleasures of marriage, drawing on fascinating first-hand accounts as well as novels of the period.


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    Sex imbalance varied by ethnicity & influenced marital decisions & hhold composition at a time of rising ethnic intermarriage in early 20thC Hawaii, according to Sumner LaCroix & coauthors in a new Asia-Pacific Economic History Review paper.

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    Unlike prior evidence for the U.S. and the Netherlands, data from Chile suggest that "specialization" (having different roles in the household) is associated with a lower probability of divorce and separation for both married and cohabiting couples.

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    Dayswork, by Chris Bachelder and Jennifer Habel. You are a writer fascinated with Melvillians and the many biographers of the famous author and the ways their own lives, and marriages may all be echoing each other across the centuries. 4 of 5 library cats 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐳.

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    New data show that about half of U.S. adults lived alone upon gray divorce, another one-third lived with others, and the remaining 14% lived with a new partner. Adults living with a new partner tended to exhibit the most advantaged sociodemographic profiles.

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    The Meaning of Marriage

    This volume brings together the best of contemporary scholarship on marriage from a variety of disciplines - history, ethics, economics, law and public policy, philosophy, sociology, psychiatry, political science - to inform, and reform, public debate. Rigorous yet accessible, these studies aim to rethink and re-present the case for marriage as a positive institution and ideal that is in the public interest and serves the common good.


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    This week I've been mainly reading, no. 99.

    Rachel Ingalls' short(ish) Binstead’s Safari (1983/2013) is a focussed tale of male stupidity & self-deception and the positive effect of leaving one's country and finding yourself (the wife's story). It focusses on miss communication in & salvation through becoming someone different when circumstances allow. While having a rather downbeat (but logical) end, it is an acute exploration of how male self-obsession wrecks lives.


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