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From yesterday. Previous implementations targeted government entities.

Red Hat, servers targeted in espionage campaign https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/dinodasrat-malware-targets-linux-servers-in-espionage-campaign/ @BleepingComputer

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Ross Anderson was an awesome, incisive and wide-ranging brain.

Huge champion of privacy and security.

He was also graciously supportive when I first came to cybersecurity.

Can't believe I won't be seeing him again.

Rest in peace


Pic via Duncan Campbell

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"Commercial spyware vendors (CSV) were behind 80% of the zero-day vulnerabilities Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered in 2023 and used to spy on devices worldwide..."


Good grief - what a shitshow.

Malicious Contributions: Abridged

Let this thread act as a table of contents for the software contributions found to be malicious or done in ill intent. With every story that you send in the comments, I will add a respective entry to the list in chronological order. Each entry in the chronology will show the date and the appropriate name, linking to your...

Is it a good contribution or a bad one? One likes your software, another will inevitably ruin it.
YourAnonRiots , to Random Japanese
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Beware of the new campaign targeting Apache Tomcat Servers.

Researchers detected 800+ attacks, with 96% linked to the Mirai botnet. Threat actors exploit weak security to deliver & crypto miners.


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