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Ubuntu Budgie (Daily build) when trying to boot UEFI

/boot/ not found

That is new. 🤣

edit -- Same issue with Kubuntu

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... continued ...

Here we can further validate that very concept, by installing and running Linux Kernel 6.6 but the spin provided by Liquorix, which works just fine.

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Today I realised I've been a *nix sysadmin for 30 years. Am I eligible for parole yet? 😂

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@nixCraft I have been working in Linux since October 1991 which makes it 33 Years for me. I have tasted Unix some years before

We have been around the *NIX Block!

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Annoyed by having to put in front on [1]?

Then use this instead[2]:

$ journalctl -k

It should work if the user executing this is a member of the groups "systemd-journal", "adm", or "wheel".

[1] which is the case if CONFIG_SECURITY_DMESG_RESTRICT is turned on in your 's .config – which recently switched on, something many other distros did already a while ago.

[2] works for the common case, for some fancier stuff you might still need dmesg

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boilingsteam , to random avatar

The Linux 6.5 kernel has been released:

brenns10 , to random avatar

The CFP for the Linux Kernel Debugging MC is now open! If you ever debug the kernel, and wish that it were a bit easier to do so, you may have a topic worth discussing. You can read more about it and submit a topic below.

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🐧 son sürüm

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