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spotted in the wild in the TV show "Helgoland 513"


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⚠️ BEWARE ⚠️ Scammers are targeting Kdenlive users

Scammers are still circulating fake emails targeting users and content creators.

Remain vigilant and be cautious of any unsolicited communications claiming to be affiliated with us. We DO NOT send any emails offering promotional opportunities, advertising integrations or any promotional collaboration.

Our communications are done through Mastodon, Twitter and through emails from kde.org and kdenlive.org domains.


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We’re delighted to announce the first maintenance release of the 24.02 series, tackling regressions, bugs, and crashes. A big thank you to everyone who reported issues during this transition – keep up the great work!



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This year is participating in Season of KDE with two projects. Check out the progress of the students:

Implementing Multi-format Rendering:

Enabling editing of keyframe curves and advanced keyframe types:


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Looks like the pod will not be up until sometime tomorrow. Kdenlive version 24.04.02 strikes again. This time burned my editor.

I can't stress this enough, if you edit videos, do not upgrade to Version 24.04. It is completely broken in many ways.

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Exciting news! 🚀 24.02 is here with major upgrades, including Qt6 & KDE Frameworks 6. It's faster, sleeker, and sets the stage for the next decade.

(Flatpak package will be out soon)



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Whelp, turns out the PPA is gonna be abandoned next release. This would be fine, if the flatpak wasn't ALWAYS MISSING EFFECTS EVERY UPDATE!!! LIKE WHY IS THERE NO REVERB ANYMORE??

I swear the flatpak removes and adds effect randomly every release

I'm gonna try the appimage for now, but god updating appimage is a pain

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🔊 Punk vibes from the Netherlands! 🎸

Check out the latest videoclip "Radio" by Dishes, shot with a vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 lens and edited in

Raw energy meets retro flair! 📸🎥



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23.08.4 comes with a safeguard when working with variable framerate footage and fixes time remapping and subtitling issues. This version also brings back audio stem export support, which allows to render audio tracks as separate files.


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Hello, @fedora! Half a year ago I made this 1 min video with @ryangorley telling why is a good choice and what user can do to prevent its rotting:

Can we get this wisdom retold on your YouTube and PeerTube channel(s)? I think the message aligns with 's vision on neatly and needs to be heard by a wider audience, compared to my earlier attempts.

I can provide the editing via and other assistance around this piece, including new short videos from Ryan's talk at a later date.

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Here's my favorite talk on - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

It's about doing works as a agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

📺 Watch on : https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/w/c7saLPLSHJiUDnXaww7ooQ
📺 Watch on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97cOcBGgXa4

@fedora.design@peertube.linuxrocks.online @mairin

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