uhvayga , to Mbin Blog Updates
@uhvayga@kbin.social avatar

"Delete account" on kbin.social did not work. :(

Deceptichum , to Mbin Blog Updates
@Deceptichum@kbin.social avatar

Is anyone else unable to open their notifications?

Its been half a day and im still getting “we are working on resolving this issue”

Jay-Abu-malik , to Mbin Blog Updates

Does Kbin support RTL languages?

gentleman , to Mbin Blog Updates

Just reading my feed it appears that Kbin social is getting porn spammed by some 4chan site. Anyone else seeing this?

lowdownfool , to Mbin Blog Updates
@lowdownfool@kbin.social avatar

What can be done about malicious users? There is someone posting quasi-religious antisemitic drivel in m/news. In reaction to getting downvoted and reported they have started downvoting my posts in other magazines. I'm sure I'm not the only one being targetted. Is there something to do besides block?

Eigengrau , to Mbin Blog Updates
@Eigengrau@kbin.social avatar

🆗 so users from blocked domains can still interact with my posts , now getting notifications originating from one

Am still very much trying to figure out how this all works …

Eigengrau , to Mbin Blog Updates
@Eigengrau@kbin.social avatar

How are Lemmy instances able to even see microblog posts ? Afaik Lemmy doesn't have microblogging feature , interaction between Lemmy and more microblog oriented parts of the fediverse should be more limited right ? Unless it was something they recently added , or a 3rd party app that adds it ig ?

brothershamus , to Mbin Blog Updates
@brothershamus@kbin.social avatar

Not sure if this is a bug, but upvotes "randomly" error out?

Occasionally when I upvote a "front-page" post or sometimes even an individual comment it will redirect to an empty page that just says "error". (It's in the kbin CSS format, it's not, like, literally blank). However even after that other posts / comments will upvote without error.

I thought it was related to a login token or something, and logging out and back in seems to re-set but not completely fix the problem. It will recur at some point. Re-loading the page doesn't seem to help.

I'm using various OS setups but always through Firefox, fwiw, but as far as I know no plug-ins should be causing what seems like random errors.

Sorry if this isn't the right thread, I couldn't find "kbinsupport" or "askkbin".

ernest , (edited ) to Mbin Blog Updates
@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Hi, in this and probably the next week, I will be working on these tasks:

Today, I will be slightly less available as I am in the final stages of taking care of all the formalities, and I also had to handle a few personal matters. Starting tomorrow, I will be back at full capacity again. When this succeeds, in the next releases, I will focus more on frontend and accessibility.

AngrilyEatingMuffins , to Mbin Blog Updates
@AngrilyEatingMuffins@kbin.social avatar

blocks aren't working

lusterko , to Mbin Blog Updates
@lusterko@kbin.social avatar

Hi. Is it possible to embed a few pictures in a thread? Currently I can only post a picture as a cover and links that allow to open pictures in the thread.

ReallyKinda , to Mbin Blog Updates

Is it possible to have RSS content automatically post to a kbin magazine? If so, how?

rideranton , to Mbin Blog Updates
@rideranton@kbin.social avatar

kbin's API is coming soon! I've finished up all of the endpoints required for a useful API, so it will enter review soon! The PR is here

This will allow apps like @artemisapp to interact more effectively with kbin!

readbeanicecream , to /kbin meta
@readbeanicecream@kbin.social avatar

Interesting video on the fediverse: https://framatube.org/w/9dRFC6Ya11NCVeYKn8ZhiD

trashHeap , to /kbin meta
@trashHeap@kbin.social avatar

Anyone know, when setting up a magazine, if there is a delay for posts to puplate in to the Microblog section? I've setup the hashtags, but don't see anything coming in. ?

Chozo , to /kbin meta
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

I just got logged out. Logged back in, and found a freshly-upgraded magazine search. Sick!

Chozo , to /kbin meta
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

Is anyone else unable to view /m/kbinmeta/newest? It's throwing me the "We are working on resolving the issues" error. Not sure if it's related to the stability issues I've been seeing today or not. But I can view /newest in other magazines just fine, though.

Semmelstulle , to /kbin meta
@Semmelstulle@kbin.social avatar

Is it just me or does the Lemmy community actively ignoring the existence of kbin? I see a lot of posts explicitly mentioning Lemmy users but only posts from kbinners mention both platforms.

pjhenry1216 , to /kbin meta

What is the server name that appears in parentheses after a post? I thought maybe it's the source instance, but I've come across some that don't follow that rule. If there's a place to find this info already, apologies, I just wasn't sure where to look.

Chozo , to /kbin meta
@Chozo@kbin.social avatar

Just trying to understand how the microblog function works in Kbin. When it asks to select a magazine to post to, is that basically the same as adding a hashtag to a toot as if I were posting on a Mastodon instance?

Also, if I post a microblog to a remote community (such as to a lemmy.world community), how does that show up on LemmyWorld? Also, how does that show up on a Mastodon instance?

ReallyKinda , to /kbin meta

How to view a feed of subscriptions only? I’ve gone into the settings and chosen the homepage drop-down that says subscriptions and saved. I’ve also chosen “subscribed ” under the drop-down next to my name in the top right while on the Home Screen. Neither seem to impact what shows up in my feed. Help?

ZILtoid1991 , to /kbin meta
@ZILtoid1991@kbin.social avatar

Is kbin vulnerable to the same kind of Javascript insertion attack as Lemmy was recently?

ReallyKinda , to /kbin meta

I found the neat visual customization options (color, rounded corners, etc) but the changes don’t seem to stick! Is this a me thing or kbin thing?

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