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Another update to my userstyle idkbin (now at! The "new comment" marker recently added by Ernest is now stylized by idkbin (mainly to work with rounded edges), and a bug with borders has been fixed.

EDIT: Typo.

Damaskox , to updates

What rules does kbin have? Like, for posting content.
I tried to google info but didn't find anything.

I have a magazine that concerns morbid curiosity so I'm wondering, where's the line 🤔 (The magazine is K18 already)

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Settings->Reports not working... am I the only one or is this a known issue?

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Knock knock.
Who's there?
Lettuce who?
Lettuce in, it's cold out here!

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Hi @maegul, I just wanted to let you know. It's not perfect yet, but it's something I'll be working on in the coming months after the first release. Thanks for pointing it out, it's a relatively simple change, but it makes a significant difference in the overall experience.

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Is there any way to search or filter the abandoned magazines list?

Damaskox , (edited ) to updates

How do you crosspost (in

Damaskox , (edited ) to updates

Just making sure that is this magazine's existence against kbin rules?

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Made a small update to my userstyle idkbin following the recent update. Colors the user follow & block buttons + some other fixes.

Damaskox , to updates

What are badges?
I see a mention of them in magazine options.

Damaskox , to updates

I notice myself constantly thinking about the (more silent) magazines I have subscribed to and how they are faring.

I know that I find the magazines I have subscribed to through my profile and the subscriptions. But for reasons I cannot materialize to words that feels like a convoluted way to approach these magazines.

I'm not so sure what I'm trying to say - I guess I just hope there was a view equivalent to that showed only the ones I have subscribed to (maybe there could be an option, a box you could tick?) and maybe showing the last time someone created any kind of activity within a magazine?

Damaskox , to updates

How does one embed a GIF so it shows in a comment without clicking any links?


Test 2: <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="11156785" data-share-method="host" data-aspect-ratio="1.77515" data-width="100%"><a href="">This Is Just Sad Angry GIF</a>from <a href="">This Is Just Sad GIFs</a></div> <script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script>

Test 3: I tried to add it as a picture as a file from the computer but editing this comment doesn't add it.

Skavau , to updates

Would it be of interest for someone to set up an /m/abandonedcommunities or /m/findamod or even some /m/revivedcommunities magazine to act as a megaphone for revived communities of interest, or to bring attention to unused communities? I know there's abandoned list but it's effectively a big wall of communities.

Damaskox , to updates

Would it be acceptable in kbin etiquette to add a tag in at least one thread in a magazine I created, and when talking about stuff in other places that touch the same topic, I use the same tag there as well to "promote" the existence of the magazine?

Damaskox , to updates

How do I add an image to a magazine so it's visible without clicking (image) links?
Didn't find info about it when searching.

What are your thoughts on Microblogs vs threads? (

When I first joined Kbin I posted threads due to being a reddit refugee but have started posting microblogs as time went on. I have also noticed some magazines have more threads while others have more microblog posts. For example kbinmeta has more threads while the most active magazine I moderate has mostly microblogs.

/kbin logotype
daredevil , (edited ) to kbinMeta in What are your thoughts on Microblogs vs threads? avatar

One of my favorite things about /kbin is that it utilizes threads and microblogs. In my experience thus far, users here seem rather shy. I don't hold it against anyone though, because I totally understand.

Federating content from the likes of Mastodon is very helpful for having discussions trickle in from the fediverse. I think it's also really helpful for establishing an ongoing daily discussion space so the thread feed isn't as cluttered. IMO, there's more potential beyond that, too (Think: drawing everyday for a month, photography-based posting/challenges while using tags for content organization, language-learning exercises, the list goes on...).The combination of threads with microblogs has shown me the power that lies behind content federation. As a result, /kbin is by far my favorite of the fediverse platforms so far.

I still have some minor issues with how it currently works. Currently, I believe the name of a magazine causes hashtags with the exact same string to federate content to that magazine. The magazine that matches the desired hashtag also takes priority, even when the hashtag isn't assigned in the magazine's settings. An issue with this is that if any subsequent magazines try to federate content using that hashtag, it won't be able to do so.

It seems as though microblogs can only federate content to either the magazine that matches the hashtag in question, or the magazine that uses the hashtag first. There's also an issue where a microblog that uses multiple hashtags will only federate content to the magazine with the first available tag. E.g. if someone writes an unused tag for the first, followed by , then third, the post would only go to the kbinmeta microblog section. It would be lovely for microblogs to be federated, or even mirrored across magazines (as in child comments/replies) that implement the same tag. Hopefully, this could also be done without adding excessive overhead to Ernest/the server. Perhaps even offer the ability to have a magazine choose to refuse federating tags that match the magazine's name.

There are also some minor issues with moderation federation, but I don't exactly want to specify here, because I'm worried it could be used maliciously.

That being said, I can't wait to see how /kbin will mature.

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Is it possible to submit a thread to a magazine hosted on a different instance? I wanted to post to a community but I can't get it to show up in the magazine selector on the add thread page. Is there syntax I am missing here or is it just not possible?

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So many magazines that were created by default as a result only have 1 moderator: Ernest.
While this is the case, anyone is free to post whatever the hell they want no matter how unrelated or low quality. This is what has prevented me from coming back daily.

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I have been following @milwaukee and @wisconsin from and I noticed that starting around a week ago or so, I can post to the communities but new posts and comments don't make it from to Is there a federation issue? Was something recently broken?

crossmr , to updates

can't even post a thread in this magazine.

So my question: are we going to be defederating instances that don't crack down on users supporting and advocating terrorism?

soweli-mute , to updates

yeah kbin is definitely more suited to being used on desktop lol.

soweli-mute , to updates

kbin is lowkey kinda complicated lol

there's so many different kinds of posts, microblogging, threads, etc.

lowkey a bit overwhelming.

jcrm , to updates

Can we PLEASE make the top bar be customizable already? Or at least filter NSFW by default? It's a really bad look whenever I open this and "jailbait" is at the top of my screen almost every time.

CarlsIII , to updates

Is auto media preview not working for anyone else? It hasn’t been working for me for weeks.

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alt texts from pixelfed are being displayed on kbin (kbin supports alt text, but it's rarely visible) > in this case, alt texts come with another bug: you can see the first image attached to the post, whereas the alt texts displayed belong to image 2 and 3 > see the original post here:

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